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otr3-em Off-the-Record Messaging Protocol [emscripten libotr3.2.1]

otr4 OTR Messaging Protocol [native libotr4.0.0]

otr4-em Off-the-Record Messaging Protocol [emscripten libotr4.0.0]

pbkdf2-sha256 pbkdf2-sha256 is a PBDKF2 implementation using HMAC SHA256

pcrypt Password salt/hash encryption and comparison using pbkdf2.

pgp-utils Simple PGP utils

pkp Public Key Pen

pks Public Key Server; an invite-only-approach with built in master-master replication.

polarssl Bindings to the PolarSSL crypto library

popularcrypto popularcrypto

pr node builtins wrapped for promises

proquint-random-id Generate human-readable random ID's using crypto.randomBytes and proquint

quark-hash node-quark-hash ===============

rand-token Generate random tokens

random-enough For when crypto.randomBytes() would be nice, but crypto.pseudoRandomBytes() is good enough.

rbytes Generates cryptographically secure random byte sequences

ripple-vault-client A javascript / http client to interact with Ripple Vault servers.

ripple-wallet A node.js library for generating a Ripple wallet.

rot Perform simple rotational letter substitution (such as ROT-13) in JavaScript.

rot13-stream rot13 encoding/decoding stream

rsa OpenSSL's RSA encrypt/decrypt routines

rsa-json generate rsa keypairs as json blobs

rsa-stream encrypt/decrypt rsa with streams

rsa-unpack unpack rsa fields from PEM strings

rusha A high-performance pure-javascript SHA1 implementation suitable for large binary data.

rusha-browserify A high-performance pure-javascript SHA1 implementation suitable for large binary data.

scrypt The scrypt crypto library for NodeJS

scrypt-jane-hash node-scrypt-jane-hash ===============

scrypt256-hash node-scrypt256-hash ===============

secure-peer peer-to-peer encrypted streams using public key cryptography and signing

secure-random Normalize the creation of cryptographically strong random values.

seedrandom Seeded random number generator for Javascript.

seneca-crypto-sign microservice for signing information (both HMAC and pub/priv key signing)

sha-lite Standard and secure cryptographic algorithms for browser

signobj Sign and validate JSON objects!

simple-secrets simple, opinionated library encrypting small packets of data

siphash SipHash-2-4 fast short-input pseudo-random function

sjcl Stanford Javascript Crypto Library

sjcl-full Full Stanford Javascript Crypto Library

sni Get the Server Name Indication of a raw TLS stream

sodium Lib Sodium port for node.js

ssh-keygen2 Automate ssh-keygen command for generating RSA keypairs

telehash A simplified telehash library for node and browserify

telehash-js An implementation of telehash in pure javascript

thjs An implementation of telehash in pure javascript that works in the browser.

ursa RSA public/private key crypto

uuid-encoded Generates strong UUIDs - like uuid module - but encodes to compress length with url-friendly 64-char alphabet

vanity-key Generate vanity prefixes for Bitcoin public key addresses

vircurex Vircurex JSON Trading API

walkdir-hash Stream all filenames in a dir (recursively) and receive the filename, stat and your specified hash for each file.

x11-hash node-x11-hash ===============

xmldsig Utilities for generating and validating XML signatures.

zeos-crypto Node.js implementations of Crypto.

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