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bitfinex node.js wrapper for bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange

btc-address Manage Bitcoin addresses

coind-client JSON-RPC client for crypto-currency bitcoind-based daemons. Adheres to Node.js/JavaScript callback/control-flow conventions/style.

coinstring Create and parse crypto currency addresses and wallet import formats.

cryptocoin Crypto currency library for Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.

cryptofetch Fetch market data from cryptocurrency exchanges

keccak-hash node-keccak-hash ===============

poloniex.js Poloniex API client

quark-hash node-quark-hash ===============

scrypt-jane-hash node-scrypt-jane-hash ===============

scrypt256-hash node-scrypt256-hash ===============

vanity-key Generate vanity prefixes for Bitcoin public key addresses

x11-hash node-x11-hash ===============

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