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css-eliminator CSS dead code elimination

css-emitter fire events on css transition and animation completion by @ecarter

css-emitter-component fire events on css transition and animation completion

css-find-assets Find all asset files in a CSS AST

css-fix Fix some css rule to support different mainstream browsers, such as add '-webkit-' or '-moz' and so on.

css-flip A CSS BiDi flipper.

css-font-face-src A CSS @font-face src property value parser

css-font-parser A parser for the CSS font value

css-md5 Walks CSS files and replaces contents of url() dependencies with paths to a CDN.

css-mediaquery Parses and determines if a given CSS Media Query matches a set of values.

css-metrics Provide useful metrics around CSS

css-mqpacker Pack same CSS media query rules into one media query rule.

css-pack Pack CSS dependency graphs into bundles

css-parse CSS parser

css-parser CSS Object Model implementation and CSS parser

css-pipeline roots extension for handling css production builds

css-polyfills Make CSS do more by defining simple DOM manipulations instead of ad-hoc JavaScript.

css-prefix add a prefix to all classes and identifiers in a stylesheet

css-prettifier CSS prettifier in your style.

css-purge A command line Node JS app for the removal of duplicate CSS rules and or properties.

css-queryless Media queried CSS to non-media-queried CSS

css-reset-json reset css

css-safe Make strings safe for CSS.

css-scroll-by Scroll the page by a given offset using CSS transitions

css-selector-parser Just a CSS selector parser.

css-sprite css sprite generator

css-stringify CSS compiler

css-tester chained testing with expect and jquery

css-time A tiny library that converts milliseconds to and from CSS time.

css-tokens A regex that tokenizes CSS.

css-transform CSS manipulations built on the 'css' lib

css-transforms A tiny library for for dynamically animating DOM elements using CSS transforms.

css-transition Animate between DOM style changes using css transitions

css-url-edit Collection of helpers for css url() manipulations.

css-validator Validate CSS via W3C's service

css-value CSS value parser

css-viewport Computes the perspective for a containefied field of view

css-whitespace Whitespace significant CSS to regular CSS

css.escape A robust polyfill for the `CSS.escape` utility method as defined in CSSOM.

css2js Convert CSS to Javascript

css2stylus Converts CSS to Stylus.

css3-translate A tiny, functional CSS3 translation transforms API that shims browser-specific APIs.

cssauron create matching selectors from css for your very own nested object hierarchy

cssauron-esprima plain esprima bindings for cssauron

cssax Event-based CSS querying of HTML streams.

cssbeautify Reindent and reformat CSS.

cssbeautify-cli CLI for cssbeautify

csscat A CSS Dependency Manager.

cssclass A leightweight (0.3kB) extension to the Element prototype to allow checking, adding, removing and toggling classes.


csscompressor CSS Compressor to minify CSS files

csscount script to count the number of rules in a CSS file

csscssbeauty Executes CSSCSS and shows the result beautified on a local server.

cssesc A JavaScript library for escaping CSS strings and identifiers while generating the shortest possible ASCII-only output.

cssfontparser parse shorthand css font strings"

cssify A simple Browserify transform for adding required styles to the browser.

cssify2 Browserify v2 middleware for adding required styles to the page.

cssjoin Extend css @import loaded file

csskeeper Tools for keeping CSS files and usage in check.

csslike a css preprocessor

csslinter CSS linter

cssobjectify Browserify/dcompose transform to convert CSS into an JSON object

cssom CSS Object Model implementation and CSS parser

cssom-chengwei CSS Object Model implementation and CSS parser (fork that hacks in support for multiple occurrences of the same CSS property in a rule)

cssom-papandreou CSS Object Model implementation and CSS parser (fork that hacks in support for multiple occurrences of the same CSS property in a rule)

cssom-webup CSS Object Model implementation and CSS parser (fork that hacks in support for multiple occurrences of the same CSS property in a rule)

cssparser parsing CSS document and transform to JSON format

cssproc CSS URL processor

CSSselect a CSS selector compiler/engine

cssspitter Templating engine for CSS based on width and height of the window, used as a Connect/Express Middleware.

cssstyle CSSStyleDeclaration Object Model implementation

csster Csster: Write CSS in JS or Coffeescript, with macros, color math, etc.

Csster Csster: Write CSS in JS or Coffeescript, with macros, color math, etc.

csstransform Automated CSS Transformations

csstree CSS AST Builder

cssunminifier Make minified CSS readable.

cssutil A utility tool for building/minifying/concatenating LESS and CSS files

csswring Minify CSS file. That's only.

curl-amd curl.js is small, fast, extensible module loader that handles AMD, CommonJS Modules/1.1, CSS, HTML/text, and legacy scripts.

dcompose Asset composer

deface node.js/express port of spree/deface. Allows overriding of HTML without partials.

defaultcss A simple module for adding default style definition within your HTML

depless LESS CSS dependency analyzer

detect-dom-ready Simple module to detect dom ready, without jquery

detectcss Simple module to detect browser CSS feature support

dgraph-css-import Transformer for dgraph to extract CSS imports as dependencies

dgraph-css-inline-woff Inline WOFF fonts as base64 encoded data uris in CSS

dgraph-stylus Stylus transform for dgraph

digger-selector The CSS selector parser used for digger

dist-js-css minify js,css

docpad-plugin-autoprefix Add browser/vendor prefixes to your stylesheets automatically, so you don't have to!

docpad-plugin-axis Adds support for the Stylus CSS pre-processor to DocPad with the Axis CSS framework

docpad-plugin-buildr Adds support for Buildr to DocPad

docpad-plugin-frontend CSS and JS assets manager, based on Frontend Grunt.js task

docpad-plugin-less Adds support for the LESS CSS pre-processor to DocPad

docpad-plugin-nodesass Adds support for the SCSS CSS pre-processor to DocPad using node-sass

docpad-plugin-roole Adds support for the Roole CSS pre-processor to DocPad

docpad-plugin-sass Adds support for the SASS and SCSS CSS pre-processors to DocPad. It also supports the Compass framework.

docpad-plugin-styl Adds support for the Styl Rework CSS pre-processor to DocPad

docpad-plugin-stylus Adds support for the Stylus CSS pre-processor to DocPad

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