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1pif-to-csv Convert 1Password 1pif files to csv

a-csv A CSV parsing/stringify module

awklib A small library to process file like csv. Inspired By AWK command line tool

babyparse Fast and reliable CSV parser based on PapaParse

backbone-csv Backbone.js sync for CSV files.

basic-csv A library designed for basic CSV usage.

beatport-csv-parser Beatport csv parser

better-require require('better-require')('json yaml') lets you load JSON and YAML files using require syntax. For example: var config = require('./config.json'); Extensions available are: json, yaml.

butter-require A lesser fork of 'olalonde/better-require' - lets you load JSON and YAML files using require syntax. For example: var config = require('./config.json'); Extensions available are: json, yaml.

claw Simple web scraper chassis, scrapes fields from a list of web pages and dumps the results to JSON/CSV files.

cleansv Cleans CSV

cloudxls Node.js API bindings for

cold-sweat Massage csv data into a specific json format

columnist Parses out comma seperated text

comma S{t,c}reaming fast CSV parser

convert-json auto detect file type and convert it to json format

convert-table convert different json, xls, xlsx, xml, csv, tsv file types to table in nodejs

csv CSV parser with simple api, full of options and tested against large datasets.

csv-2-geo-json A thing to convert CSV with lat/lon into kdtree + data files

csv-convert convert csv to json and use schema to invalidation.

csv-converter Converts CSV files to JSON

csv-db Simple filebased database

csv-json Node.js module for read csv file and reorganize it to json-object

csv-load-sync Sync loading of a small .csv file

csv-record-parser DSL for parsing CSV records

csv-report Converts time tracking data from CSV to PDF

csv-segment convert a csv file into segments

csv-server expose any csv file to the web as a queryable JSON service

csv-stream Simple CSV stream

csv-streamify Streaming CSV Parser. Made entirely out of streams.

csv-string PARSE and STRINGIFY for CSV strings. It's like JSON object but for CSV. It can also work row by row. And, if can parse strings, it can be use to parse files or streams too.

csv-to-array A small NPM library for converting CSV files to JSON arrays.

csv-to-json parses csv and returns it into json object

csv-transform CSV tranform stream

csv.js Encodes Arrays, Objects or JSON as CSV

csv2 A Node Streams2 CSV parser

csv2array Sync CSV parser.

csv2couchbase Import CSV files in Couchbase

csv2json-cli command line interface for converting csv to json files

csv2json-stream Streaming parser csv to json

csv2mongo csv 2 mongo converter

csv2mongo-js Simple node based CLI tool to read a CSV file into mongoDB

csvdata Converts CSV to a usable Array of Objects

csvify make csv valid lines

csvrow parse a CSV row string

csvsplit Splits Csv Files into 2 files and retains header in both output files. Syntax: ./split.js infile outfile1 outfile2

csvtojson A tool concentrating on converting csv data to JSON with customised parser supporting

cyesv Simplified CSV parser

dank-csv A csv parser

decsv Streaming CSV scanner and parser

delimit Convert delimited files from one format to another

docpad-plugin-csv Adds support for csv (data mapping) to DocPad

dsv A parser and formatter for DSV (CSV and TSV) files.

etcsv The Editing table for CSV databese

excelcsv Parse an excel workbook, and all its worksheets, into a single CSV file.

express-csv express-csv provides response csv easily to express.

express-csv-enc express-csv-enc provides response csv easily to express with encodings.

express-json-csv Express JSON to CSV response handler

fabrica CLI bulk string substitution / i18n utility for static HTML

fast-csv CSV parser and writer

fast-csv-delims CSV parser for node.js. Doug Martin is the original author. This is merely a temporary fork to support alternate cell delimiters. Please support Mr Martin and his awesome work by using his module.

finite-csv A CSV parser that uses a finite state machine and works with Excel CSV exports.

geocodify geocode spreadsheet files

geojson2 a geojson exporting utility belt

geojson2csv a module for converting a geojson file to a csv file

geojson2dsv shuttle geojson points into csv encoding

grep-csv Grep arbitrary input to tidy csv output command line utility.

grunt-gss Save your Google Spreadsheets as CSV or JSON.

grunt-i18n-csv Create internationalized files from a CSV translations file

gulp-csv2json csv to json using gulp

hickorydickory Create json blobs from google docs

inferify Return a string representing the common datatype of a given Object[].

interpret A dictionary of file extensions and associated module loaders.

json-2-csv A JSON to CSV converter that natively supports sub-documents and auto-generates the heading.

json-cli convert multipule file format to json.

json-csv Export a richly structured, JSON array to CSV

json2csv Convert json to csv with column titles

json2csv_zmr Convert json to csv with column titles (pulled in #28)

json2csv-stream Transform stream data from json to csv

json2csvfile Convert a JSON file to a CSV File

json2csvfiledc Convert a JSON file to a CSV File

jsontocsv Convert lines of JSON data to CSV

jts-infer Infer a JSON Table Schema from a readable stream of a CSV source

leaflet-geocsv Leaflet plugin for loading a CSV file as geoJSON layer

leaflet-omnivore a geospatial format parser for Leaflet

listify Turn an array into a list of comma-separated values, appropriate for use in an English sentence.

log-csv-stream Log values from streams as a csv stream with timestamp

majax majaX stands for micro asynchronous javascript and X (X stands for XML, JSON, CSV, Plaintext, ...)

memcached_ext CSV and JSON extensions to memcached

mixpanel_export_people Export Mixpanel people properties to an Excel Compatible CSV

monitor-pid Monitors a pid and all its sons

nice-json2csv A simple json2csv converter + Express csv utility

node_spreadsheet Node spreadsheet is a module to read and write Excel and CSV files using PHPExcel from

node-csv A CSV parser for node.js

node-csv-json Converting csv to JSON

node-csv2api Node module to create a rest api from a csv file

node-csvify CSV and TSV transformations for Browserify v2

node-resourcer This module attempts to ease the loading and parsing of resource files into the application. It'll load automatically any file of a known format into a hash. That hash will be structured accordingly to the folder structure.

noflo-csv Components for the NoFlo flow-based programming environment to convert CSV data to and from JavaScript objects

objectify-arrays Create objects from arrays using the Streams2 API.

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