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connect-cube Request logging to cube middleware for Connect

conway-hart CommonJS port of George Hart's polyhedral notation library

cube-dashboard a dashboard for cube

cube-emitters emitters for cube separated from main package

cube-logplex A Cube emitter for Heroku logs.

cube-mesh Generates subdivided cube meshes

cube-reports an email reporting tool for cube

cubed a super simple backend for statsd; relays statsd events to a cube instance via udp

cubist Cubism graph composer

jsonstat JavaScript library to deal with JSON-stat responses.

node-hyper An n-dimensional database, written in JavaScript, useful for aggregation and charting analytics.

scrambo Javascript Rubik's Cube Scramble Generator

surrender-cube surrender to the cube!

triangulate-hypercube Triangulates a hypercube into simplices

winston-cube Cube transport for winston

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