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allium Simpler Gherkin parsing

cucumber The official JavaScript implementation of Cucumber.

cucumber-eavesdropper-plugin A cucumber listener that eavesdrops on the event stack

cucumber-wd-plugin A cucumber listener with wd bindings

cucumis BDD Cucumber Style Asynchronous Testing Framework for node.js

cucumis-rm BDD Cucumber Style Asynchronous Testing Framework for node.js

cuke-tree A hierarchical Cucumber test report generator and IDE.

dill Delicious Cucumber tests

generator-cucumber Yeoman generator for Cucumber.js

generator-testudo Testudo is a Grunt based boilerplate for the building of modern, modular, testable web applications

gherkin A fast Gherkin lexer/parser based on the Ragel State Machine Compiler.

gherkin-ace I18n Gherkin modes for the Ace editor

givenwhenthen BDD semantics for Selenium and Sauce Labs in Node.js

grunt-cukejs grunt plugin for cucumberjs

grunt-gherkin-report It saves your gherkin features in a html format

grunt-rcukes Grunt plugin for running ruby cucumber.

hardy A collection of steps to run CSS tests using Cucumber and Selenium

jakobmattsson-cucumber The official JavaScript implementation of Cucumber.

karma-cucumber Wrapper around cucumber-js to create a standard runner & reporter for client side testing of multiple features / step definitions

karma-cucumberjs Karma adapter for running Cucumber.js specs

karma-jasmine-step-definitions step definitions for karma and jasmine

kyuri a cucumber implementation with a few extra asynchronous keywords. supports 160+ languages and exports to VowsJS stubs

ling A command-line Gherkin linter.

masm-cucumber The official JavaScript implementation of Cucumber.

mocha-cakes bdd stories add-on for mocha test framework with cucumber given/then/when syntax.

myriad-cucumber Uses myriad to execute cucumber tests across multiple processes or machines

parallel-cucumber Executes Cucumber scenarios in parrallel, reducing the amount of time tests take to execute

peanut node.js cucumber implementation for the birds

phantom-proxy a lightweight proxy that lets you to drive phantomjs from node.

pickles Pickles: a starting point for writing acceptance tests using Cucumber.js.

protractor-cucumber Cucumber support for protractor

qcumberbatch Integration wrapper between qcumber and webdriverjs.

spectrum-client spectrum client for js

spectrum-node spectrum client for js

stories Given/When/Then integration awesomeness for Node.js

ticucumber TiCucumber: Cucumber for Appc Alloy.

webdriverjs A nodejs bindings implementation for selenium 2.0/webdriver

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