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accounting number, money and currency parsing/formatting library

bigmoney.js Library for handling the money values. Based on big.js library for arbitrary-precision decimal arithmetic. Support multiple currencies.

bip38 BIP38 is a standard process to encrypt Bitcoin and crypto currency private keys that is imprevious to brute force attacks thus protecting the user.

bitcoin-exchange-rates Convert any Bitcoin amount to your preferred currency.

bitcoinprices bitcoinprices.js is a JavaScript library for presenting Bitcoin prices with currency conversion

bitcore Bitcoin Library

btc-address Manage Bitcoin addresses

btc-script Script support for Bitcoin.

btc-transaction Create, parse, serialize Bitcoin transactions.

cldr Library for extracting data from CLDR (the Unicode Common Locale Data Repository)

coinstring Create and parse crypto currency addresses and wallet import formats.

cosign Bitcoin Transaction Tool

country_currency country currency mapping lib

cryptocoin Crypto currency library for Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.

currency simple currency conversion in the terminal

currency-codes Lookup currency codes based on ISO 4217

currency-market A synchronous implementation of a limit order based currency market

currency-symbol-map A function to lookup the currency symbol for a given currency code

currency.js A javascript library for handling currency values.

currencyjs A free currency converter for NodeJS - uses the European Central Bank's daily feed for accuracy

exchange-rates NB: this module is deprecated and replaced by the new 'open-exchange-rates' module, available at

format-price Parse and format things that could be prices

hail Common interface to virtual currency exchanges

libbitcoin Bitcoin nodejs library

libcoin Bitcoin Library

math-money Floating point free Money objects and operations. Safe for math.

mercado-bitcoin Client for MercadoBitcoin API

money JavaScript currency conversion library.

money-math bignum-based arbitrary precision operations on currency amounts "XXX.YY"; because floats are BAD for representing money

mongoose-currency Adds schema type "currency" to mongoose. Great for converting user input.

mtgox-currency Helper functions to process amount values sent by the MtGox API

nor-currency Paranoidly Safe Currency Library for Node.js

open-exchange-rates nodeJS/npm wrapper for the Open Exchange Rates API

penny helper properties to generate currency from numbers

purrency polls currency ECB's XML API and parses it to use with money.js.

shimney-accounting Shimney package: accounting. number, money and currency parsing/formatting library

simplator-type-filters Simplator filters for simple types formatting.

txtool Bitcoin Transaction Tool

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