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ap Currying in javascript. Like .bind() without also setting `this`.

athena Strategically gives you awesome functional combinators for an abstraction war!

autonomy Lightweight functional utility library complementing ES5

better-curry Forget Function.bind and func.apply(context, arguments), performance matters! For a better curry!

curry-d Curry and curry right at arbitrary depth, then uncurry, if you want.

curryable decorate a function so it will curry if not given enough arguments

currymember Curries functions.

finkel Flexible currying mixin for Underscore or Lo-Dash

fk A tiny curry library.

fn-curry takes a function and number of args (optional) and returns a new function that will partially apply the original until all arguments are supplied.

functional.js A functional JavaScript library that facilitates currying and point-free programming

haskell Lambda functions and functional programming for javascript

interlude Functional JavaScript library

lambda-chop Sweet.js macros for lambdas with currying, bound functions, and placeholders.

masala Curry-like secret sauce for option-object accepting functions and constructors

oneself (un)curryThis to avoid [], obj.fn.bind(obj), that=this

par Simple partial function application.

part This micro library encourages functional programming by making native methods available as partially applied functions.

part-native generate helpful methods from native objects using _part_

synthesize Chaining into lazy synthesize functions

validimir Create validation functions.

validly Create validation functions.

wrappers Function wrappers

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