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chai-adhoc Instantly extend Chai.js and define custom assertions! We provide a simpler API to work with.

chai-highlight Chai.js plugin to highlight values in error messages Chai generates

esdash Functional programming helper library that is aware of (does not duplicate) the latest ECMAScript features, which are polyfillable in all ECMA-262 (even oldest browsers).

grunt-lodash A Grunt wrapper around lodash-cli.

lodash A utility library delivering consistency, customization, performance, & extras.

lodash-amd A collection of Lo-Dash methods as AMD modules generated by lodash-cli.

lodash-cli The Lo-Dash command-line interface.

lodash-node A collection of Lo-Dash methods as Node.js modules generated by lodash-cli.

super-json JSON serializer that handles Dates, RegExps, Functions or any other type you want

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