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appboard RESTful HTTP API for pushing your data to dashboard for node.js

application-dashboard Collect custom application stats and broadcast them via to html dashboard.

atlasboard AtlasBoard is dashboard/wallboard framework written all in JS

cube-dashboard a dashboard for cube

dashboard Create dashboards with gadgets on node.js

dashing-client Send stats to Dashing from node.js.

dashing-js Port of Dashing to node.js

desckit Custom desktop wallpaper generator with NodeJS and PhantomJS

dotdash see wiki:

generator-dashing-go A Yeoman generator for dashing-go

generator-yeogurt A Yeoman generator for creating a sensible structure to front-end work using your favorite tools.

giraffe-web Giraffe dashboard for Graphite wrapped in a webserver

godot-dash HTTP dashboard for Nodejitsu's godot; A port of riemann-dash

hexo-admin Hexo Admin provides a dashboard for hexo blog systems.

jenko Node.js based Jenkins Dashboard

leftronic Leftronic Dashboard API

leftronic-request Ultra-thin layer for the Leftronic Dashboard API based on request

metrics-io-dashboard Dashboard for

minum-dashboard Dashboard for minum

monitor-dashboard Dashboard UI for node monitor

noard A very simple dashboard for monitoring everything.

node-dash a nodejs and sockets-powered server monitoring dashboard

node-uforever Web UI for nodejitsu/forever

siempre Dashboard for forever

sqldash Simple dashboard for sql reporting.

statsd-ducksboard-backend A StatsD backend that sends metrics to Ducksboard

statsd-leftronic-backend Pluggable backend for StatsD, which publishes stats to the Leftronic Dashboard API.

statusdashboard A services status dashboard

telemetry-node SDK to access Telemetry's API

teleport-dashboard Teleport dashboard

term-dashboard A terminal dashboard for monitoring concurrent jobs

travis-notify-geckoboard Notify Geckoboard widgets with Travis CI build results

updown Monitor service with user interface

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