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accum accum - Simple write stream which accumulates or collects the data from a stream. Pipe your stream into this to get all the data as buffer, string, or raw array. (streams2)

adt Algebraic data types for Javascript

adt-simple Algebraic data types for JavaScript using Sweet.js macros

ak-model model

akt Client for aktivityapp

albers Nested, scalable layout system for Bauhaus library

all-structures A node.js based data structures library.

all-your-github-are-belong-to-us Save all your GitHub data to one place, private & public. A Webhook.

annozip Zips data into structure

api-media-type A Node.js module exporting a map of common media type names to registered IANA media type names. Built specifically to serve the needs of Web APIs.

apigee-uploader Upload data to Apigee Storage

archdb Simple but powerful NoSQL document-oriented database that runs in nodejs or any modern browser that supports localStorage.

ascii-chart Ascii bar chart

ascii-histogram Ascii histograms

assemble-partial-data Plugin for Assemble which collects data from partials and groups it by key. Each value in the data hash has a list of associated partials.

attractor snap together frontend and backend modules with html attributes

baas Node Back-end as a service. A permissions level server-side data store with a RESTful API.

babyparse Fast and reliable CSV parser based on PapaParse

backbone-hoodie hoodie data bindings for backbone models

backbone.databinding The plugin implements a two-way data binding between views and models/collections.

backbone.epoxy Elegant data binding for Backbone.js

backbone.projections Various projections for Backbone.Collection

backbone.record records for Backbone

backbone.schema The plugin helps you define schemas for your models. It supports a regular types, arrays, nested or reference models/collections, allows to define a custom data types and computable properties.

bauhaus A library of functional, list, pagination, iteration methods for arrays for Client and Nodejs.

beyo-model-mapper Data mappers for beyo models

biblejs-versions Builds the bible.js module data.

bidar Binary Data Representation (serialization format)

bilateralarray An array-like object where the zero index is at the middle of the array. tracks left and right offsets as items are added

bitcoinjs-mongoose Mongoose MongoDB ORM (temporary BitcoinJS fork)

bloodmoney A simple cache banking system using redis

borges Manage lists through a redis-like interface

bredele-store Store component is a single wrapper for your data models and collections.

brick-view MVVM brick to create large scale and real time web applications in a flash.

brisk-facebook Simple REST controller for the Facebook API

brisk-twitter Simple REST controller for the Twitter API

browserify-data browserify transform to compile data files.

buffer-dataview Minimal DataView implementation that works with Node.js Buffers

buffered-writer Writes buffered data to files

bunny The Stanford bunny

canon Canonical object notation

cargo HTML5 web storage module

castjs Validation and conversion library

casual Fake data generator

cbinsights Simple module for using CB Insights's API in node.js

cement Data attribute binding and interpolation

centralindex Central Index, the world's local data exchange

characterize characterize a set of data

cheetah Store historical benchmark data and visualize, focus on making components faster, fast as a cheetah.

chinood Object Data Mapper for Riak built on nodiak (

circular-list A circular linked list

clctr Event emitting collections with iterators (like Backbone.Collection).

commitish generate fake commit sha1s.substr(0,6)s

concentrate Produce binary data with a neat DSL

concurix-monitor Concurix monitoring agent

concurixjs Node.js Real-time Visual Profiler and Debugger

contracts Validation library to define and validate JSON Schemas for functions and express handlers. Supports filters.

contrived a simple way to load contrived data for your node app

converter Convert between XML, JSON and YAML, from one format to another.

couchbase-structures compound data structures for couchbase built in node.js

country-data Data about countries - like their ISO codes and currencies

cyclist Cyclist is an efficient cyclic list implemention.

d3-grid-layout A grid layout for d3.js

dad Data micro-framework

daggr aggregate data from text-based streams

data-binding Data attribute binding and interpolation

data-binding-plugin One of the most powerful two way data-binding tool with virtualization. Highly optimized for performance and memory

data-checker Checks JSON data for required fields and data types. For REST and other data services testing.

data-convert Convert between XML, JSON and YAML, from one format to another.

data-diff a library to get the changes from one object to another

data-driven data driven testing for mocha

data-file-parser node module for parsing file and writing into another file

data-js common data structures

data-media-type A Node.js module for finding IANA registered names for common data types.

data-pager Abstraction for the fiddly logic associated with paging results

data-section Read data from comment, like as perl's Data::Section::Simple.

data-streams Transforms the Dataset resources of a package.jsonld into streams

data-string-parser Parses strings with 'key: value' pairs into shallow objects.

data-uri-stream Transform stream that emits a data uri

data-uri-to-buffer Generate a Buffer instance from a Data URI string

data2xml A data to XML converter with a nice interface (for NodeJS).

datafilter Simple filtering for collections of objects

datafixture.js generate mock data objects

dataframe Streaming data aggregation and calculations.

datapackage Like npm but for data packages!

datapackage-jsonld datapackage in JSON-LD and style because semantic web, linked data and hypermedia.

datapm Data Package Manager

dataslider view your data according to a slider

datastore Store component is a single wrapper for your data models and collections.

datasync Keep your data up-to-date between different systems

datasync-mapper Map data between datasync readers and writers.

datasync-reader Base reader for datasync.

datasync-writer Base writer for datasync

datatester Run tests against incoming data.

debian-control-parser Debian control data parser.

destiny Control the fate of your actions.

difty Compare objets or arrays and get diffs

direct DOM-based routing/execution script

dissolve Parse and consume binary streams with a neat DSL

divan persistant key-value store for node with CouchDB-style views

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