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binary-heap Binary heap

btree asynchronous copy-on-write btree

ceci-buffers Very simple buffer implementations for use with Ceci

cp-data cp-data is a JavaScript library for some common data structures

data-structures JavaScript data structures written in CoffeeScript.

dictionaryjs A simple dictionary wrapper for JavaScript objects providing associative array functionality and helpful methods. Methods include: get, set, getDefault, remove, has, size, empty, asyncEmpty, forEach, and asyncForEach.

hamt Hash Array Mapped Trie

hash-table Hash table

hashish Hash data structure manipulation functions

hashtrie Hash Trie

heap binary heap (priority queue) algorithms (ported from Python's heapq module)

neith Javascript Zipper Library

pq2 Priority queue w/ decrease key operation, good for Dijkstra's algorithm

priority-heap-queue Priority queue implemented using a heap

priorityqueuejs a simple priority queue data structure

queuejs a simple queue data structure

ringbufferjs a simple ring buffer data structure

rope.js Rope library for fast splicing of large strings

safemap A tiny, safe, ES3-compliant map/dictionary implementation.

simple-quadtree quadtree data structure

stackjs a simple stack data structure

structure.js JavaScript library of useful data structures

substructure Data structures for JavaScript

taproot A tree manipulation library.

treap An implementation of the treap data structure for node.js and the browser

under_tree An immutable tree data structure library, used standalone or as an object wrapper.

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