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kickstarter-crawler Crawls a given kickstarter project page. Returns over 40 data points.

ku4node-data kodmunki data

ldc linked data container manager

ldpm linked data package manager

learn A toolset of data munging primitives and machine learning algorithms

level-blobs Save binary blobs in level and stream then back

level-blocked Blocked data storage on top of LevelUp

levelgraph-n3 LevelGraph plugin that add the ability to load and store n3/turtle files.

liberate-me Liberates data from cloud services

listish Queue, Stack, LinkedList implemented using Maps

liver update page markup when a leveldb database changes

logdir dump text streams into a log directory and read the data back intelligently

mammock Mammock is a node.js service mocking framework designed to be quick and easy, allowing developers to fill the "missing gaps" in services during development.

mapperjs The solution for node.js for migrate data from the old format to the new format data with pre-processing

marly Marly, the micro data mining library.

massagist streaming data formats

mesa simple sql for nodejs

metadata Utils for working with metadata.

mies Ultra-simple modular layout and template system, with automatic data binding and smart routing, for jQuery

minimap Simple, elegant data mapping and string templating without the bells and whistles.

miso.dataset Dataset is a javascript library makes managing the data behind client-side visualisations easy, including realtime data. It takes care of loading, parsing, sorting, filtering and querying of datasets as well as the creation of derivative datasets. Dataset is part of the Miso Toolkit A collection of event related functions that can be mixed into any object

mixpanel-data-export A wrapper for Mixpanel's data export API. Simply instantiate the class with your API secret and key and then make calls to api methods and get json back.

mldb MarkLogic V6 REST API Driver for Node.js

mljs MarkLogic V6+7 REST API Driver for Node.js. Replaces MLDB.

mockdata a library to generate mock data

model Datastore-agnostic ORM in JavaScript

modelize Simple ORM in JavaScript

mongo-live Listening to MongoDB live changes using oplog

mongo-loader Loads data from json files into a database and can remove as well, useful for testing and seeding a database"

mongo-oplog Watch mongodb oplog in a simple way

mongoose Mongoose MongoDB ODM

mongoose-allocate Plugin for adding padding to Mongoose fields, good for capped collections.

mongoose-behaviors Pluggable behaviors for mongoose schemas.

mongoose-cachebox Cache mongoose queries in memory, redis or use your own driver

mongoose-fakery Fixtures replacement and random data generator for mongoose.

mongoose-flatmatcher Mongoose plugin mapping flat name/value JSON to Mongoose Schemas which may have nesting and embedded arrays

mongoose-helpers Mongoose MongoDB ORM helper functions

mongoose-prefixset Mongoose MongoDB ODM

mongoose-prime Prime a mongoose model with default data

mongoose-simple-fixtures Simple default data for mongoose models

mongoq Use mongoDB like this: require('mongoq')('testdb').collection('users').find(function(err, cursor){});

monguava Monguava MongoDB ORM

monobrow-client Node client for the npm package 'monobrow-server'.

monobrow-server Node socket server wrapper.

mori Persistent Data Structures for JavaScript

morphology express + mongo + html = awesome

mta-turnstiles Downloads and parses the New York City MTA subway turnstile data

mysql-validator MySql data type validation.

naked-db Persistence for Transactional Memory for JavaScript

nano minimalistic couchdb driver for node.js

neo4j-loader A simple node module for loading data from a json file to neo4j

node-data Repository abstraction for Node.js

node-datastore DataStore provides a powerfull features to manipulate tabular data

node-mixpanel-data-exporter Wrapper for Mixpanel Data API

node-odp A node library that wraps the Oracle Data Provider for.NET (ODP.NET) library to provide bindings to oracle on windows.

node-query general sql query interface for hybrid data sources

node-tree-data tree data structure

node-typesafe Typesafe data structures for Javascript

node.generic-dao An abstract generic data access layer for Node projects

node.generic-dao-mongoose A generic data access layer for Node+MongoDB projects using Mongoose. A distributed data scraping and processing framework A distributed data scraping and processing framework for node.js

nodecache Simple and powerful Cache Module for NodeJS.

nor-data Helpers for dealing with JavaScript data

normal normalize a javascript array

NormAndVal Normalize your data to match common conventions; Validate your inputs; use the same libraries in Node.js *and* the browser.

npm-flat-graph Given a list of modules, recursively retrieve their dependency graph and generate a flat list of each module's dependencies

npm-probe Probe npm registries for statistics

npm-stats Convenience module for getting back data from an NPM registry

nsql multi sql query interface for hybrid data sources

nuvem MarkLogic Driver for Node.js

object-iron Flattens nested objects into a single-level object

objet-data Auto-persisting data objects

observable-store An observable data store with dirty checking and computed properties

onmd-scdl An onm data model declaration for Soft Circuit Description Langauge (SCDL).

osmos-odm A general purpose, strict, simple ORM for Node.js apps

ots-data-plugin-bloomberg Everything you need to get data from the bloomberg_mlb database.

ots-data-plugin-mlb Everything you need to get data from the mlb_sn database.

package-jsonld a commonJS thingy in JSON-LD / because semantic web, linked data and hypermedia.

parse-geocoder Parse data returned by geocoder into easily usable format

permafrost Transparent object persistence on top of key/value stores

persons put/get/del/search for foaf:persons using jsonld

phant never forget.

phant-manager-http express web based manager for phant

phant-output-repeater udp output repeater for phant

phant-output-websocket websocket output for phant

philly-hoods An API wrapper for - a neighborhoods API for Philadelphia

phony A fake data generator.

pickr Data selector utility

piecemaker-api-client A client for JavaScript (+ Node.js) / Java (+ Processing) to access the Piecemaker-2 API developed for Motion Bank

pipette Stream and pipe utilities for Node

piton-entity Tools for managing objects that represent business entities

plasma Build a context object to pass to templates. Plasma can load data from a flexible range of configuration and file formats, including JSON/YAML data files defined with minimatch/glob patterns.

plastic Fluent API for maleable data

plotly Simple node.js wrapper for the API

portalizer a tool for finding data portals

post-data A simple function to get the post data from a NodeJS request

postdata Extract the POST or PUT data from a request

prediction Machine Learning Library for Javascript

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