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addendum Database migrations for Node.js

advance In-memory forward iterator for use with the Strata b-tree MVCC tool collection.

ah-openrecord-plugin OpenRecord plugin for actionhero

amalgamate Merge staging Strata b-trees containing MVCC versioned records into a primary Strata b-tree.

apigoose Mongoose rest api helpers.

archdb Simple but powerful NoSQL document-oriented database that runs in nodejs or any modern browser that supports localStorage.

array-query Provides an interface to pull objects out of a JavaScript array with minimal code. Useful for Backbone collections and similar scenarios.

arraydb Use arrays as basic DB tables, and make queries on them

b-tree Evented I/O B-tree in pure JavaScript for Node.js.

baas Node Back-end as a service. A permissions level server-side data store with a RESTful API.

backbone-db Key-Value database storage interface, localStorage and in-process implementations

backendjs Backend.js framework

backsync A minimalistic library for integrating Backbone models with different data stores. Mongodb and Memory already included.

baseview minimalistic couchbase view client for node.js

basex A BaseX (XML database) client library

basholevel A Basho-LevelDB wrapper (level-basho with a cooler name)

batoh IndexedDB wrapper.

bdb-fork-grimen Berkeley DB(5.X) bindings for node

beyond Event driven back end designed spesificaly for the reach-framework

blueprint A database agnostic model layer and OOP implementation designed for reusability between the client and server

boobst Simple Node.js Caché driver

bookshelf-authorization An authorization library for use with Bookshelf.js

btree asynchronous copy-on-write btree

caminte ORM for every database: redis, mysql, neo4j, mongodb, rethinkdb, postgres, sqlite, tingodb

catalogue A Mongoose Based Data Viewer

clay A Node.js Active Record with a charming declaration and simple usage. Supports Redis as backend but can be easily extended

cluster-node Very basic clustering simplicity for express apps

clusterhub Easily and efficiently sync data in your cluster applications.

cnx-node Db client mgmt for Node.js

co-migrator Database migration tool for compound.js

co-mongodb mongodb wrapper to use with co and koa.

co-mssql node-mssql wrappers for "co"

co-redis A node-redis wrapper to be used with visionmedia's co library

connect-lazydb a connect session store using lazydb

constrain Create a compartor strategy based on LevelUP API iterator parameters.

correlate Create a compartor strategy based on LevelUP API iterator parameters.

couchbase-odm A simple Object Data Mapper for Couchbase

couchdb-simple Simple Node.js Wrapper for CouchDB

couchdb-utils CouchDB utils

coucher Simple CouchDB client (REST)

couchie Minimalist localStorage database API. Works well as a cache for CouchDB documents.

couchpenter CouchDB database and document setup tool.

couchsurfer Query couchdb design documents to trigger view rebuilds

couchtato CouchDB documents iterator tool.

couchup A CouchDB implementation on top of levelup.

couchviews Store and load CouchDB views to / from your file system for easier setup of new databases.

cpdb crazy pili's file data base

cradle the high-level, caching, CouchDB library

cradle_security Add users, roles and authorization creation commands to Cradle module

cradle-fixed the high-level, caching, CouchDB library

crafity-storage Generic storage provider. Single interface or abstraction for different databases.

crud-basic Application to demonstrate CRUD funtionality for different databases

csv-db Simple filebased database

dal A relation-ship aware database access layer

data-mapper-js A lightweight data access tool supporting Postgres and MySql today.

data-pager Abstraction for the fiddly logic associated with paging results

databank-leveldb LevelDB driver for Databank

databank-memcached Memcached and Couchbase driver for Databank

databank-mongodb Databank driver for MongoDB

databank-redis Redis driver for Databank

database-cleaner Database Cleaner for node.js

database-utils Database utils for node.js

datastorage Datastorage for data storing

db-drizzle Drizzle database bindings for Node.JS

db-filters Systematic database query generation and abstraction

db-info Node.js relational database information utility

db-kit Easy life ORM for node

db-meta Relational database metadata extraction library

db-migrate Database migration framework for node.js

db-mysql MySQL database bindings for Node.JS

db-nuodb NuoDB database bindings for Node.JS

db-oracle Oracle database bindings for Node.JS

db-query-assistant High-level query functions for node database drivers.

db-sqlite DEPRICATED, USE:

db2 node.js bindings for IBM DB2 Express-C

db2md Markdown documentation generator of DB structure

dbcrud Create MySQL-backed REST services in seconds: smart, flexible, automated CRUD and more

dbdoc Database documentation generator

dbeasy Promise-based wrapper for postgresql driver that makes easy what should be easy while protecting your foot.

dbf generate dbf files

dbfree-node Local file storage - no dbs

dbfree-node-plugins Plugins for the dbfree system

dbhouse Generic Database API Framework

dbjs In-memory database engine

dbt Database Shell Toolkit

designate Iterate a collection of MVCC b-tree cursors choosing the most recent version of a record from each tree.

destination Easiest API Framework Layer w/ Database agnostic ORM

dexdis The simplest way to use IndexedDB in the browser

dico-mongodb A wrapper to use mongodb with dico.

diet Diet is a minimal node.js web server framework.

diet-mysql Dead simple no-sql like mysql wrapper. This MySQL runs on Diet.

digger command line tools for running digger nodes develop databases like a boss

dilute A Strata MVCC iterator that filters the results of a Strata MVCC iterator.

dirtkey A dirty and cradle inspired fast key value store for CouchDB.

docpad-fsdb File system database.

docparse-db mongoose database connection for the docparse project

docstore Simple and extendable JSON document storage and retrieval

does-index-exist Checks whether an index exists on a MongoDB collection

dquery-mongo jQuery for your database

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