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dropboxdb API for Dropbox-based database solution

dynamo DynamoDB client for node.js

dynamo-client A low-level client for accessing DynamoDB

dynamoose Dynamoose is a modeling tool for Amazon's DynamoDB (inspired by Mongoose)

dynasty Dynasty - Promise-based DynamoDB API

dynode node.js client for Amazon's DynamoDB

east node.js database migration tool

east-mongo mongodb adapter for "east" (node.js database migration tool)

east-sqlite sqlite adapter for "east" (node.js database migration tool)

easy-pg easy-pg is "easy to use" deferred PostgreSQL client for node.js

easydb Take away the pain of writing SQL statements and running queries.

ejdb EJDB - Embedded JSON Database engine

emitdb a database where you only write code

encode Utilities for encoding and decoding records for database storage.

ensure-schema Ensure that databases always have a given structure.

entangle Distributed JavaScript objects using Object.observe() with pluggable drivers

enterprisejs Enterprise support for JS server application

etcsv The Editing table for CSV databese

eventvat Evented, in-process key/value store for Node.js and the browser

excess High-Efficiency Reactive Web Application Framework

exodus Transactional key-value store on NodeJS

express-admin MySql, MariaDB, SQLite and PostgreSQL database admin built with Express and Bootstrap.

fdb Node.js bindings for the FoundationDB database

fendjs-model Elegant data models for Fend.js

fendjs-model-mongo MongoDB model plugin for Fend.js

ferret Adorable mongodb library for node.js with modelling support

file-e-coyote easy public/private file storage and retrieval

final-db Embeded document based database system that uses bare file system as a storage. NoSql style.

final-db-object-admin Admin panel for FinalDBObject

fixer Setup your test database using fixtures in a breeze.

flatree A tree datastructure implemented in mongodb

flattertree A tree datastructure implemented in mongodb

flexible Easily build flexible, scalable, and distributed, web crawlers.

flight Simple flat file database

flocon 64-bits Unique ID generator for Node.js written in C++

foreign-key group and reduce rows for foreign key relations for sorted key-value stores like leveldb

fscan Files scanner. Can be used to query files like a database. Bring your own test method.

fulltext Full text search engine for node.js

futon command line futon

gcs Groonga CloudSearch

gcs-console Groonga CloudSearch Console

genesis A utility for generating database structures for projects built in node.js

geonames-postal-codes-import-nodejs Import Postal Codes from into a database

gist-db Treat your gist account like a database

gistbase A noSQL database composed of gists

gistdb Use gist's from GitHub as database files.

git-autoregister-odb autoregister git object databases

git-memdb An in-memory js-git database.

git-odb object database manager for git

gremlin Gremlin for graph databases which implement the Blueprints property graph data model.

grex Client for Rexster Graph Server

grex_naeem Client for Rexster Graph Server

grist Embedded document store upward compatible with MongoDB

grunt-deployments Deploy (push/pull) MYSQL databases using Grunt

grunt-migrations Migrate your databases simply using Grunt

grunt-mysql-dump Dump MYSQL databases using Grunt

grunt-mysql-dump-import Dump and import MYSQL databases using Grunt

gtm Binding to the GT.M hierarchical database.

hash-join hash joins on streaming document collections

haze An in-memory document cache

haze-aof Append-only file storage adapter for the Haze document cache

hbond Distributed K-V store based on leveldb

hdb SAP HANA Database Client for Node

heart a little database tool

hemidrosis The blood sweat of mongoskin

higgle A database system

hoard node.js lib for storing time series data on disk, similar to RRD.

hstore Library for transforming JavaScript objects to hstore format, used by the PostgreSQL RDBMS.

hyperlevel A Hyper-LevelDB wrapper (level-hyper with a cooler name)

id_translator Translate internal integer IDs to safe public identifiers

idatabase database

idb-remote Remoting interface for indexeddb

indexeddb A pure-JavaScript implementation of IndexedDB that is durable and scalable.

influxdb Node driver for influxdb

jagat JAGAT server for implementing trendy concepts: Live Collaboration, WebGL+HTML5+ResponsiveGrid, Live Content Update.

jaguardb The simplest in-process database for Node.js that could possible work.

joinr Joins related documents efficiently with MongoDB and compatible databases

joomla Connects to a Joomla database and session

joyentriak Riak client with support for HTTP and Protocol Buffers

jquarry A database abstraction layer

js-neo4j Neo4j REST API wrapper for Node.js

jsdata A simple JSON file database.

jsdbc A database querying module for MySQL, Postgres, Oracle and SQLite. Supports transactions and result sets. libzdb is required for compiling and using.

jsodb (It's actually JSONDB but that was already taken)

json-db A lightweight database for your node.js app.

json-sql node.js json to sql queries mapper

json-update Allows for very simple JSON file updating in one line

jsoncan an agile json based database engine

jsonquery MongoDB query language implemented as a node.js Stream

jsql a SQL like database using javascript

jsrel JavaScript lightweight synchronous RDB

jugglingdb-firebird Jugglingdb firebird database adapter

kagodb Kago Database Engine KeePass database reader in NodeJS

keigai Lightweight data store library, with a utility belt

keys Unified api for node key/value stores

koa-mongo-rest generate REST API with koa and mongo

kvdb key-value database api with plugable databases

kyoto-client Client for Kyoto Tycoon

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