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juncture A small, light datepicker

last-content-len get URL last content-length

ldap2date Parses LDAP Generalized Time Syntax

liberty Calculate statutory and other holidays.

lua-date Lua Date and Time module for Lua 5.x

lua-timeago Turn a timestamp into a friendly string of how long ago it was

lumenize Illuminating the forest AND the trees in your data.

Lumenize Illuminating the forest AND the trees in your data.

maildate Mail Date formatting

manger cache feeds

micro-strptime micro strptime implementation on JavaScript

microtime-x Get current time in microseconds (cross-environment)

mockdate A JavaScript mock Date object that can be used to change when "now" is.

moment Parse, manipulate, and display dates.

moment-cli CLI for printing dates via momentjs.

moment-component Parse, manipulate, and display dates.

moment-countdown A Moment.js plugin for integrating with Countdown.js

moment-datetime Strftime and strptime for moment.js

moment-isoduration Adds ISO 8601 duration to support to moment durations.

moment-jalaali A Jalaali (Jalali, Persian, Khorshidi, Shamsi) calendar system plugin for moment.js.

moment-jdateformatparser Translates the `java.text.SimpleDateFormat` date format to the `moment.js` date format.

moment-parseformat A moment.js plugin to extract the format of a date/time string

moment-ranger date range representing using moment

moment-recur A momentjs plugin for matching and generating recurring dates.

moment-strftime moment-strftime adds strftime to Moment.js

moment-timezone Timezone plugin for Moment.js.

moment-tokens Unix/php format tokens for moment.js

moment-twitter An extension to moment.js that formats dates like Twitter

moment.parseformat A moment.js plugin to extract the format of a date/time string

moment.twitter Twitter-lioke Date Formatter

moments-away Moment.js durations made easier, ActiveSupport-style.

mongoose-document-utils A Mongoose plugin to track insert/modification and availability of documents

monot Like [object Date], but unique.

moves-date Takes away the pain of working with Moves API dates

ndate A syscall similar to POSIX Date for NodeOs

new-date Creates a new Date, but accepts a few more input types than normal.

next-time Returns the nearest date of given time

node-iso8601 ISO8601 Support for parsing Durations and Intervals. Calculate the next interval date. Based on the ISO8601 Spec.

node-print Print Tool

nodutils Node utilities to manage common operations over: string, numeric, array, date, file, url, cache, properties files, geocoding

nor-date Date and time helpers for Node.js and browsers

ntp-client Pure Javascript implementation of the NTP Client Protocol

oo-datepicker HTML date

orm-timestamps ORM modification and creation timestamps

parsedatetime A way of parsing human readable dates and timespans in Javascript.

parsetime convert strings like 'five days ago' (in english, german, french or portuguese) to an integer (with time in seconds)

perf-time Low impact date/time getters.

peryod Date for humans.

pfdate Chaine date comptable

pickadate The mobile-friendly, responsive, and lightweight jQuery date & time input picker.

pikaday A refreshing JavaScript Datepicker — lightweight, no dependencies, modular CSS

poc-date-module POC Date module

pretty-date format old JavaScript dates in a “pretty” way. ex : 2 hours ago , 3 minutes ago

prettydate Format dates nicely

raynos-calendar Calendar component

react-ago-component A multi-lingual component for React that renders the approximate time ago in words from a specific past date using an HTML5 time element

relative-date Javascript module for outputting relative dates.

relative-date-component Relative date in words

reltime A function to calculate relative time based on a simple date string notation. Intended to be lighter weight than the excellent moment.js.

rfc822-date Convert dates to rfc822 format

ribcage-date-picker A iOS-inspired UIDatePickerView for ribcage-ui

ribcage-day-picker A simple day picker for ribcage-ui

roundate Rounding functions for Date objects.

safe_datejs A safe(node.js VM isolated) wrapper around library. Safe to be used with mongoose

serverdate Make the server's clock available to the browser.

shimney-moment Shimney package: moment. Parse, manipulate, and display dates.

simplator-type-filters Simplator filters for simple types formatting.

simpletime Convert to and from various time formats. Get manipulated time values.

smd Represent dates as tiny numbers, losing precision, for compact storage.

sortof sort lists of objects by date strings

stamp Timestamp printing utility.

strings String replacement and transformation library.

strptime Date formatting function

sugar-unix Unix timestamps for sugar.

sundial Tidepool's datetime library thingie.

tardis Expressive timestamp generation and manipulation

tau.js A JavaScript date library.

tempus Time for a new Date()

Tempus Time for a new Date()

tempusjs Easy and fast datetime library.

tide Simple date formatting

time "time.h" bindings for NodeJS

time-enforcer A JavaScript implementation of the Ruby Timecop gem

time-format a method to format the span between a time and now

time-now Returns a timestamp using or

timeconstants Time constants for JavaScript, ex. hour, minute, second, etc.

timegap Diff two timestmaps into a short-format string.

timemachine Test your time critical app by overriding the native Javascript Date function

timespanjs create timespans objects for using with native js dates

timestamp-grabber Convert a very wide variety of human readable date/time formats to unix timestamp in millis. Supports all major timezones thanks to timezonejs

timestamp-range An object representing 2 timestamps - i.e. a 'gap' in time

timestamp-series Get an array of timestamps between 2 points with a configurable resolution

timeTraveller Time Traveller provides a set of utility methods to deal with dates. From adding and substracting, to formatting. Time Traveller only extends date objects that it creates, without polluting the global namespace.

timezone Small, elegant, Olson educated, timezone aware date math and `strftime` date formatting in pure JavaScript with no dependendcies for Node.js and the browser. Timezone uses the Olson/IANA timezone database. Timezone is aware of every clock transition in th

timezonedate A JavaScript Date alternative that is specific to a given timezone other than the current machine's timezone.

tiny-time DSL for creating Dates

toolbelt A set of sexy little helper, to make the daily work with nodeJS a bit easier.

trentm-datetime Date and time formatting (a fork to publish fixes to npm)

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