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buggr Better Debug and Logging for Node.js

date-reader A small library for guessing date formats and automatically extracting Date objects from strings

date-time Pretty UTC datetime: 2014-01-09 06:46:01 UTC

dst determine if a date is in daylight savings time

flox-node Prettify Console output for Node.js

handlebars-helper-datetime Handlebars helper for adding RFC-822 formatted datetimes to XML feeds.

jlivetime jQuery plugin for live timestamps, countdowns, time-ago, and timers

micro-strptime micro strptime implementation on JavaScript

milli-epoch Utility module for epoch based time functions in milliseconds

prettydate Format dates nicely

sundial Tidepool's datetime library thingie.

tempusjs Easy and fast datetime library.

timespanjs create timespans objects for using with native js dates

timestamp-grabber Convert a very wide variety of human readable date/time formats to unix timestamp in millis. Supports all major timezones thanks to timezonejs

timezone Small, elegant, Olson educated, timezone aware date math and `strftime` date formatting in pure JavaScript with no dependendcies for Node.js and the browser. Timezone uses the Olson/IANA timezone database. Timezone is aware of every clock transition in th

tz sniff for timezone info using pure JS

xsdurationjs Add xs:duration to dateTime

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