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interactive Togglable interactive mode

jogger A Javascript logger.

js-debuggy Remote interactive javascript debug console based on node.js and

jstrace dynamic tracing written in javascript (similar to dtrace/ktap etc)

komodo-debug This package contains the bits required for debugging node.js application with Komodo IDE remotely.

konsole EventEmitter powered console identical API for better logging and debugging capabalities in libraries and modules.

less_watch LESS folder watcher with optional debug information

lesswatch LESS folder watcher with optional debug information

live-logger live-logger

livepool debugging proxy for web developers base on NodeJS

local-debug debug prefixed with the project name

logit Log everything, everywhere

logloc Add source file location to console logger methods

logn Logging module for node

logr a simple logger/debugger

lookingglass A node.js addon to add remote Chrome Devtools debugging support.

ndebug Easily launch interactive debugging sessions for your Node scripts.

neo-debug A more configurable debug utility module.

nice-console Patch NodeJS console methods in order to add timestamp information

node-child-process-manager ERROR: No file found!

node-codein NodeJS Console Object Debug Inspector

node-debug-hack Wrap function creation during debug to force a diffrent port.

node-debug-proxy The almighty storage router

node-debugger a node debugger

node-inspector Web Inspector based nodeJS debugger

node-inspector-sans-ws Web Inspector based nodeJS debugger

node-monkey A Node.js module for inspecting, profiling and debugging Node.js applications through a web browser

node-nice-console Patch NodeJS console methods in order to add timestamp information

node-simple-log Overlay to the function console.log, other colors, added prefix with date and class name.

nodebug Command line utility that simplifies node debugging

nodeclipse nodeclipse CLI - prepare Node.js project to be imported into Eclipse (Nodeclipse); Installer - eclipse plugin CLI installer

nodedev Wrapper for nodemon and node-inspector as a replacement for no longer maintained nodev

nodedump Outputs variables in a visual, easy to read format based on Adobe ColdFusion's CFDump tag. Think of it as console.log on steroids.

nodev Auto re-loading of node apps with node-inspector

noflo-handyman Handy tools for debugging in NoFlo

nor-debug Debug helpers for Node.js apps

packa Debug server and build utility for Bower packages

pageproxy Proxy server for webpage debug and analysis.

pDebug Programmable pure Javascript bindings for the V8 Debugger

phoxy Web-hacking proxy

pin-it pin object updates to the dom

prent Logging library for node.js

pretty-error See nodejs errors with less clutter

pretty-monitor Readable monitor for unhandled rejections in when.js

prolix A debug and benchmark mixin for atom modules

ptrace easily trace execution order of your promise-based program

puts Puts for Node! Pretty prints object into console

reggol As a Logger but reversed. It's a simple console logger with labels and coloration for Node.js

rename-function-calls Renames functions calls, but leaves function definitions unchanged.

replica REPL which throws JavaScript code to browsers

replpad Pipes content of files to a node repl whenever they change and adds many more features to enable a highly interactive coding experience.

rewireify Rewireify is a port of Rewire for Browserify that adds setter and getter methods to each module so that their behaviour can be modified for better unit testing.

rocambole-strip-alert Strip alert statements from a rocambole AST

rocambole-strip-console Strip console statements from a rocambole AST

rocambole-strip-debugger Strip debugger statements from a rocambole AST

scarlet The simple fast javascript interceptor for methods and properties.

scarlet-log4js Scarlet plugin for using Log4js with method and property event interception

scarlet-winston Scarlet plugin for using Winston with method and property event interception

scriptie-talkie Makes your code tell you what the intermediate results are when executing a script.

shot Injects a fake HTTP request/response into a node HTTP server

silog An easy to use JavaScript logging utility, especially useful during development

simple-debug simple tool to limit log output

Simplog Simple logger & real-time browser log client for Node.js apps.

sofoque Sofoque (/sɔːˈfɔː.kɛ/) a profiler middleware tospot performance suffocating conditions in express/connect applications

sos console API abstraction

splain creates human-readable type diagrams of deep objects, specifically to simplify reverse-engineering webservice APIs

spyglass A value inspection tool with pretty printing, customizable colors, and powerful extension support for user-defined type inspection

stream-debug Debug streams.

stream-sink Collect all data piped to this stream when it closes

strip-debug Strip console, alert, and debugger statements from JavaScript code

stripify Browserify transform that strips console.log lines from your code

surface-vectors Debug utility for drawing surface vectors in WebGL.

threepin A Node.JS and Socket.IO stress-free test environment

timber A lean logging module, in the form of an `EventEmitter` with an identical API to `console`.

trace-component Client-side tracing for performance analysis

traceback Easy access to the call stack, written in pure JavaScript

tracrr Watches and logs V8 events using the internal programmatic debugger

trapdoor Drop into an interactive eval loop to modify and evaluate expressions in your code.

tri tricorder for figuring out problems, yo

tv Interactive debug console plugin for hapi

tweakable Streamable UI elements for adjusting metrics when debugging interactives/visualisations/etc.

unilog-nexus Aggregates debug, nlogger and console output into unilog.

useful-functions.js Useful functions for everyday javascript.

v8tml Does an html dump of v8 profiling data, for your health

webshell A console-based web client utility.

woodchuck Wrapper around Loggly and console.log with configurable log levels

y Simple object inspection tool

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