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bigfiles Quickly find the biggest files lurking deep in a directory.

broccoli-inspect Tools for understanding and debugging your Broccoli build

chromelogger Log and inspect your server-side code in the Chrome console using Chrome Logger

coffee-trace _makes debugging coffee-script easier by displaying corresponding lines of code in the stack-trace with style_

crconsole Remote JavaScript console for Chrome/Webkit

crd Chrome Remote Debugging

depugger small debugging utility

dweb A debugging web server that auto-reloads pages on local modifications.

errorface Shows a styled error page while developing your app.

euh.js A JavaScript console wrapper.

express-chrome-logger Debug your express app using the Chrome console.

frontline A web debugging proxy in Node. Also can be used to create fake JSON REST webservices.

gdb.js Control the gdb debugger from your node script

grunt-mocha-debug Easily run mocha tests on node.js/phantomjs

grunt-remove-calls Grunt task to remove method calls statements

grunt-remove-logging Grunt task to remove console logging statements

grunt-script-include Include script files individually for debugging.

gulp-debug Debug vinyl file streams

helpersjs JavaScript helpers, logging etc.

heya-ice ICE: logging, debugging, and assert facility.

hoxy Web-hacking proxy API for node

http-debug Simple http(s) request debugger.

jstrace dynamic tracing written in javascript (similar to dtrace/ktap etc)

koa-slow Delaying responses for resources by URL RegExp, for Koa server

log-buddy Easy console debugging (partial port of original ruby version:

luc-devutils Performance and debugging utils

luseragent Human-friendly user agent information

moruga Debugging HTTP proxy

newrelic New Relic agent

node-monkey A Node.js module for inspecting, profiling and debugging Node.js applications through a web browser

node-theseus wrapper of the node command for debugging scripts with Theseus

node-web-repl Add a web-based read/eval/print/loop to your Node.js app (useful for debugging)

nodebug Command line utility that simplifies node debugging

noflo-handyman Handy tools for debugging in NoFlo

pitestglobals This module is defines some global properties onto an Object which are useful in debugging and testing.

postmortem When code dies, it deserves a proper autopsy. Stacktrace library with sourcemap support.

quadtreenodereport Function that returns a readable report on the contents of a D3 quadtree node. For the browser.

raven A standalone (Node.js) client for Sentry

silog An easy to use JavaScript logging utility, especially useful during development

stake A logging library built to provide multiple log levels, color and filesystem support.

stop-angular-overrides Stop silent angular module / controller / filter overrides

stress-node Stress test library for Node JS

stress-node-server Node server for stress testing other servers

thin HTTP/HTTPS debuggig proxy

trace-component Client-side tracing for performance analysis

tracing-framework Web Tracing Framework instrumentation and analysis library.

trapdoor Drop into an interactive eval loop to modify and evaluate expressions in your code.

underscore.inspector A javascript object/value inspector mixin for underscore.js

visualgdb Web interface for gdb debugger

xrayquire-for-npm Re-packaging of xrayrequire for publishing on npm.

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