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arrayof Array#of for older browsers and node compat

b64-utils Simple Base64 methods (encode, decode) using Built In buffers. This means its just an abstraction and will be as reliable as nodejs buffers are.

base64 A C++ module for node-js that does base64 encoding and decoding.

base64-stream Contains new Node.js v0.10 style stream classes for encoding / decoding Base64 data

base85 Base85 (Ascii85) encode and decode functionality

bencode-js JavaScript solution for implmenting the encoding and decoding of the Bencode format

binary Unpack multibyte binary values from buffers

binary-parser Blazing-fast binary parser builder

bs58 Base58 check encoding

bs64 Base 64 encoding.

codes Node.js iconv bindings - Streamable, fast and lightweight

decoder-ring Decode binary buffers using a JSON specification

ent Encode and decode HTML entities

ent-rec Encode and decode recursively strings in a mixed object

flowhttp-decoder A flowHttp extension used for decoding gzip og deflate encoded HTTP responses

fluent-stream Fluent octet-stream handling

get-pixels Reads the pixels of an image as an ndarray

hashkit A tool for generating short ids like Youtube, Bitly and Imgur

he A robust HTML entities encoder/decoder with full Unicode support.

he-rec Encode and decode recursively strings in a mixed object

htmldec html decoder

htmlencode Wrapped version of

im-decode A node.js library that leverages ImageMagick to turn images into RGBA arrays (Uint8Arrays).

int-packer Pack integers into bigger integers

jsqrcode a node port of Lazar Laszlo's `jsqrcode` qr code decoder

jwt-simple JWT(JSON Web Token) encode and decode module

kryp Very simple encryption methods for strings.

lame NodeJS native bindings to libmp3lame & libmpg123.

leb LEB128 utilities for Node

lsb Hide string data in the least-significant bits of an array/image

midievents Decode/encode MIDI events.

morjs Library for encoding/decoding Morse code messages

morse-decode-stream morse decode stream

morse-node Encode strings to Morse code, decode strings from Morse code.

mpg123n NodeJS native bindings to mpg123 'control_generic' command line interface.

msgpack-browserify msgpack for node and browsers

msgpack-unpack-stream a TransformStream that decodes msgpack

native2ascii native2ascii

nbt-stream Parse or Compile NBT files

ndarray-json Serialize/deserialize ndarrays to and from JSON

node-htmlencode Wrapped version of

node-jwt Library for parsing JSON Web Tokens (JWT)

ogg NodeJS native binding to libogg

qs-hash encode and decode query strings with optional encodeuricomponent

query-string Parse and stringify URL query strings

radix94 radix94 =======

rot Perform simple rotational letter substitution (such as ROT-13) in JavaScript.

string string contains methods that aren't included in the vanilla JavaScript string such as escaping html, decoding html entities, stripping tags, etc.

string-russian Beautiful string.js module. Now with Russian language support.

urlcode-json This is a tool for converting JSON object to an urlencode string like python's urllib.urlencode() method or decode an url to a JSON object.

varint protobuf-style varint bytes - use msb to create integer values of varying sizes

vorbis NodeJS native binding to libvorbis

vorbis-superjoe NodeJS native binding to libvorbis

voxel-crunch Simple run length encoding library

xml-entities Stupidly simple XML 1.0 entity encoder/decoder

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