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base91 base91 implementation in javascript for node.js and browsers

bencode-stream Bencode streaming encoder/decoder

gzip-stack A `StreamStack` implementation for encoding and decoding `Gzip` content.

html-encoder-decoder HTML Encoder / Decoder - Converts characters to their corresponding HTML Entities

hypermedia Library that allows for the programmatic modeling, encoding, and decoding of hypermedia affordances, and for the programmatic transformation of Hypermedia API (HAPI) DSLs into live HTTP servers.

im-decode A node.js library that leverages ImageMagick to turn images into RGBA arrays (Uint8Arrays).

images Cross-platform image decoder(png/jpeg/gif) and encoder(png/jpeg) for Node.js

jpeg-js A pure javascript JPEG encoder and decoder

jscf A JSCF decoder for Node.js and the browser.

jsdecodeqr Decode QR code image file using libdecodeqr (Node Addon in C++)

jsqrcode a node port of Lazar Laszlo's `jsqrcode` qr code decoder

nibbit NBT encoder and decoder

nibbit-nolong NBT encoder and decoder

node-html-encoder Package for encoding and decoding html string

node-images Cross-platform image decoder(png/jpeg/gif) and encoder(png/jpeg) for Node.js

ovaltine A library for your Little Orphan Annie Secret decoder ring.

partly Simple, extensible, multipart payload encoder and decoder that complies with the official RFC grammar.

rfxcomdecode Node.js client for talking to an RFXtrx433 device

string_decoder The string_decoder module from Node core

twinkle Decode all device's message using its specification

xson eXtended Serialized Object Notation

yui-pathogen-decoder Decodes pathogen-encoded combo urls generated by YUI Loader

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