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base91 base91 implementation in javascript for node.js and browsers

bite Lightweight library for bytestring to/from number decoding/encoding, in pure javascript.

bs58 Base58 check encoding

bs64 Base 64 encoding.

cryptoaddress-validator Validates cryptocurrency addresses.

encdec A small JavaScript library for baseXX encoding and decoding. Defaults to base58, but can easily be used for base32, base64, etc.


htmlentities.js Simple HTML entities decoding

leb LEB128 utilities for Node

sdnv Self-Delimiting Numeric Value Codec

text-encoding Polyfill for the Encoding Living Standard's API.

vejstools vejstools is a CLI tool that uses the veJSTools-lib library

vejstools-lib veJSTools-lib is a library of various tools used in and veJSTools

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