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ardus The mother of all profilers

conduitjs Give any method a pre/post invocation pipeline....

confetti Promise decorator built on top of rsvp.js.

deco Compose modular decorators to build constructors. Your Node.js code will never have been as organized, reusable, and pluggable.

decorate nodejs function decorators (like connect's middleware)

decorator Decorators. POW! Arrghhh!

deqorator A very lightweight queued decorator for Node.js to easily decorate objects using middleware.

extender Easily create object decorators!

hashargs A decorator utility that allows any function to be called with a hash of named arguments.

nostalgorithm create an audit trail of every method call.

nosy_neighbor Listen in on what event emitters are doing

subclass Simple prototypal inheritance, subclassing, extending, decorators, mixins, factories, and statics.

yapawapa Decorator for Yapa promises

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