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cf-encrypt Node.js implementation of the ColdFusion encrypt() and decrypt() functions.

crypt-decrypt stream wrapper around node's cryto 'createCipher' (Encrypt) and 'createDecipher' (Decrypt) methods

cryptools Basic encryption / decryption helpers.

cryptr A very basic encrypt and decrypt node module.

easycrypto Bare-bones Nodejs crypto module abstraction providing a very simple and unsophisticated encryption API.

efs An fs module stand-in for reading and writing encrypted files

encext require.extensions handler for requiring encrypted files (e.g. .js, .json)

encryptor a simple encryptor/decryptor module

gpg GPG encryption and decryption in node.js by way of the gpg command-line tool

hashids A small Node.js class to generate YouTube-like hashes from one or many numbers. Use hashids when you do not want to expose your database ids to the user.

js-crypto-lib javascript encryption library and wrapper for RSA and AES including Open SSH compatible keygen

rsautl A wrapper for OpenSSL's rsautl

secure-conf Secure Configuration Files

ssh-key-decrypt Decrypt encrypted ssh private keys

sysvault Safe and secure file system key/value store.

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