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basehttp A lightweight, robust node.js HTTP server with configurable options.

bigpipe-layout Supply default layout to Bigpipe pages.

cbd Callback default. Return a noop function for when no callback function has been passed.

configs-overload Load configs with ease

configurate Set up workflow to load existing or default config, allow user to edit it and then serializes it to disk.

dank-cast Cast values to more specific types with default values if they can't be casted

default extend object from default object or if it is undefined return default one

default-browser Get the default browser (OS X)

default-browser-id Get the bundle identifier of the default browser (OS X). Example:

default-opts Set defaults for options

defaultcss A simple module for adding default style definition within your HTML

docparse-add-invoice After saving an invoice, add the _id to the container bill

docparse-default-bill Create default bill mongoose model in memory for use in docparse tests

docparse-default-customer Create default customer mongoose model in memory for use in docparse tests

docparse-default-supplier Create default supplier mongoose model in memory for use in docparse tests

ep_codepad Finetune Etherpad Lite for code editing

ep_hide_line_numbers Don't show line numbers by default

ep_monospace_default Make the font default to Monospace in Etherpad Lite

es6-default-params Function default parameters compiled to ES5.

express-standard Easy method to define standard express headers and assist with Content-Security-Policy including social media widgets

game-shell-orbit-camera Attaches an orbit-camera to a game-shell with default key bindings

grab Makes grabbing values out of complex objects simpler.

grunt-package-environment Swap package.json depending on specified environment

mimosa-es6-module-transpiler-amd-shim An ES6 module transpiler AMD shim module for Mimosa

miniboilerplate Looking to create a jQuery plugin in CoffeeScript using Test-driven development? If so, MiniBoilerplate is what you've been looking for.

model-defaults Lets a model specify default attribute values.

mongoose-prime Prime a mongoose model with default data

mongoose-simple-fixtures Simple default data for mongoose models

nopt-defaults Default options for nopt

open open a file or url in the user's preferred application

opn A better node-open. Opens stuff like websites, files, executables. Cross-platform.

set-default A node.js module for defaulting object values

sitegear3-component-default Default page component for sitegear3.

tryor return fn() or default value (in case of exception)

yacl load config from a given environment

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