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defaultify utility javascript module to set object literals used as options for functions

defaults merge single level defaults over a config object

defunc Default function arguments helper

kwargsjs Smart argument management for javascript

lag.defaults The lag function defaults() as a standalone module.

localrc A project-local version of rc, chainable with the original.

mattisg.configloader A configuration loader focused on handling overrides cascades.

merge-defaults A recursive version of _.defaults.

model-defaults Lets a model specify default attribute values.

named-parameters A small and simple utility for working with named parameters. (I.e., for using maps as function arguments, rather than arrays.) Inspired by optimist.

packagesettings Simple Runtime Settings and Config

pragma-config High-level configuration system for node.js application

rc hardwired configuration loader

rcfinder Find a config file (like .jshintrc) by walking up from a specific directory.

rcloader For build system plugins that need to fetch relative config files (like .jshintrc).

stluafed merge two objects keys if absents from source object

superagent-defaults Create some defaults for superagent requests

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