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bunyan-promise Bunyan formatted tracking of outstanding promises, progress, errors, and resolution times.

defer.js Simple defer pattern for JavaScript

deferred-open Make methods wait for async constructors.

defur Defer construction of a service until it is needed.

eventual Abstraction for eventual values

iou A JavaScript promise API.

jasync Javascript asynchronous programming library

l8 l8 is an experimental pthread/erlang inspired task manager for javascript. Simple tasks becomes 'paroles', complex tasks become functions broken in 'steps'. l8 comes with synchronisation and distribution tools including semaphores, mutexes, message queues, generators, actors and proxied actors, among others.

noq noQ: Micro promises library

o2.then o2.js Deferred Helpers - A Promises/A+ Compliant Deferred Library

p0 Minimal Promise/A+ implementation.

pachinko Multi pipe promises!

spromise Small Promise

well A fast, elegant, flexible Promises/A+ implementation.

ya-promise Yet Another promise/A+ library

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