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AMD AMD (Asynchronous Module Definition) support for node.js, specifically define()

ast-module-types Collection of useful helper functions when trying to determine module type (CommonJS or AMD) properties of an AST node.

cdefine Generate C #defines from objects

commonjs-require browser-side CommonJS require() function.

commonjs-require-definition Simple common.js `require()` definition.

context-emitter A simple extension of node's EventEmitter that permits setting the context of emitter events.

def A JavaScript library for creating complex objects and properties, intuitively.

define An AMD wrapper for Node modules

define.js An asynchronous javascript module system for multiple platforms including node.js and the browser!

dictionary Defining properties on objects in JavaScript made easy.

fast-class A faster and easier way to define Javascript Prototypal Inheritance: `classes` and `mixins`

fmd Factory Module Definition a simple factory module wrapper (Node, AMD, Browser, ...).

glsl-defines Takes an object or array of variable names/values and gives you back a list of `#define` statements you can drop into GLSL.

grunt-amdwrap A Grunt plugin for wrapping JS-modules written in AMD style

grunt-urequire A Grunt wrapper around uRequire <>

grunt-wildamd Grunt task to generate AMD namespace modules from module dependencies that use globbing (pattern matching) syntax

include Include/parse C header (.h) files

micro-modules Micro implementation of commonjs modules.

modular-amd A simple JavaScript loader, based on the AMD pattern.

node-define Makes AMD modules require’able in node by adding a global define function

ovy A fast, elegant, powerful, and cross platform JavaScript OOP library. Support singleton, super call, private, mixins and more.

predefine Predefine your Object.defineProperties to create a more human readable API.

rendr-amdefine Rendr flavored AMDefine to allow relative path requires for app modules.

urequire Convert AMD & commonjs modules to UMD, AMD, commonjs or `combined.js` (rjs & almond) & run/test on nodejs, Web/AMD or Web/Script. Manipulate & inject module code & dependencies while building & more

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