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actionhero actionhero.js is a multi-transport API Server with integrated cluster capabilities and delayed tasks

barbeque Redis-based task queue library for Node.js, inspired by Celery and Kue.

co-flow Flexible execution flow addons (all, any, wait) for co.

connect-debounce Distributed debounced function execution ala underscore on per session basis as connect middleware.

connect-pause Connect/Express middleware to simulate latency for debugging

connect-slow Middleware to delay answering requests based on request url, useful to diagnose website behavior based on load delays

continuable-delay Delay a continuable.

damage A simple way to calculate the 'damage' of running a task in Node.JS.

delayed A collection of setTimeout-related function wranglers

delayed-events A delayed events queue for scheduling events in the future with an optional save/restore feature.

delayed-request Simple module wrapping the "request" module to add some random delay between requests.

fastclick Polyfill to remove click delays on browsers with touch UIs.

function-enhancements Some javascript function enhacements. Arguments:pass, prepend, append. Timing: delay, periodical, debounce, throttle, once

future-stream Delay the emission of stream events until a future condition is true

gaffa-delay gaffa-delay ==============

gulp-wait A gulp task that inserts a delay before calling the next function in a chain.

interval-stream Emit data by time intervals

jdelay a delay function for DPS / audio

junction-delay Delayed Delivery middleware for Junction.

junction-legacy-delay Legacy Delayed Delivery middleware for Junction.

koa-delay koa middleware useful to simulate delay in middleware graphs

koa-slow Delaying responses for resources by URL RegExp, for Koa server

latent Latent is a writable stream that buffers data until you decide where to write it by calling open(filename).

once-later A simple wrapper around callbacks to make them fire both once and later.

slow-proxy Sets up a proxy to forward requests with a specified delay on them.

soundbank-delay Basic delay processor AudioNode with feedback, filter and wet/dry AudioParams.

subsync Sync your (srt) subtitles using the command line

timeoutset a small module that reverses the argument order of `setTimeout` and `setInterval`

timers-ext Timers extensions

trickle Slows incoming stream data to specific intervals

wait Simple utility functions to simplify setTimeout/setInterval

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