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bakery Command line tools for developing PieJS applications

behind Figure out if a file is behind its dependencies a la make

bower-installer Tool for installing bower dependencies that won't include entire repos

bramble A tool which helps you safely upgrade your NPM dependencies.

brewcleaner Clean up lingering brew dependencies

browserify-graph Print a graph of all modules a file depends on

brz simple wrapper around npm that automagically updates package.json dependencies

bundle-deps easy command to bundle all your dependencies

canihaz canihaz allows you to lazy install npm modules because not every dependency is needed.

codependency Optional peer dependencies

coffee-graph CoffeeScript build tool for ordering multi-file dependencies

component-graph Dependency graphs for component(1)

component-outdated A component command plugin to list outdated dependencies.

component-update A component command plugin to update out of date dependencies.

copydep Copy only main files of dependencies to another place.

csscat A CSS Dependency Manager.

dep-diff Get a list of differences between package dependencies

dependability Dependable ordering of JS & CSS files during build and dynamically during development.

dependants-stream Get dependants of a module on npm

dependencies Auto generate dependencies in package.json

dependencies-diff Merge dependencies and their versions

dependency-groups Convert a list of dependencies into groups

dependency-manager Simple dependency injection manager

dependency-orderer checks that all your dependencies have been downloaded and returns a list of javascript files, ordered based on the dependencies

dependency-promise Add the Deferrable Pattern to Your Dependency Graphs

dependent Lazy dependency script for lazy developers compiling your node modules to a depencies.json

dependiff Compare diffs of dependencies between meta files.

depending Find out which modules depend on a given module

dependo Visualize your CommonJS or AMD module dependencies.

deps-ok Fast checking of top level dependencies based on version numbers

depsio agent

deptree-updater Build trees of dependencies and trigger updates in the right order!

depz Set dependencies in package.json

detective-amd Find all dependencies within a JavaScript file using AMD module syntax

easyioc Stupidly simple recursive IoC service provider.

electrolyte Elegant dependency injection for Node.js.

escomplex Software complexity analysis of JavaScript-family abstract syntax trees.

escomplex-ast-moz Mozilla-format AST walker for escomplex.

escomplex-coffee Software complexity analysis for CoffeeScript projects. CoffeeScript-specific wrapper around escomplex.

escomplex-js Javascript wrapping library for escomplex.

escomplex-traits Traits for escomplex AST walkers.

externalities you have too many nalities.

flatten-required Flatten required module with list of all core dependencies

forget-me-not npm/grunt pre-release dependency check

foundry-deppy Analyzes $.require() dependencies within script files and generates a json dependency manifest file.

gendeps generate your CommonJS or AMD module dependencies. Forked and modified from Patrick's madge.

gerenuk Friendly dependency injection container

gimme-deps Package for resolving require dependencies from node modules

graphdeps Generate graph for npm module dependencies

graphquire module graph builder and installer.

grunt-bower-depend Handle Bower Dependencies

grunt-bower-install-simple Grunt Task for Installing Bower Dependencies

grunt-browser-dependencies Downloads javascript files from the web

grunt-check-dependencies Checks if currently installed npm dependencies are installed in the exact same versions that are specified in package.json.

grunt-combine-harvester Scans through source code for "@requires" statements and produces a combined file which satisfies the dependencies

grunt-dapper Rollups + Dependency Management

grunt-depcombo Generate combo url(file)

grunt-depconcat Concat depended files

grunt-dependencygraph Visualize your CommonJS or AMD module dependencies.

grunt-dependo Visualize your CommonJS or AMD module dependencies.

grunt-deps-ok Quickly checks if top level dependencies are missing or out of date

grunt-dev-update Automate the updating of your package.json packages with a grunt task

grunt-stylus-deps Generates dependency tree for Stylus files.

grunt-urequire A Grunt wrapper around uRequire <>

grunt-useuses A grunt plugin allowing you to use `@uses` annotations to load dependencies for your javascript files.

gulp-deps Get the complete list of a files dependencies

gulp-resolve-dependencies Resolve dependency directives in assets (e.g. "@requires" or "//= require" in JavaScript)

incremental-installer A module that helps create scripts that install non-npm dependencies for a project. Allows for smoothly and incremental adding dependencies during development

incremental-installer-maker A module that helps create scripts that install non-npm dependencies for a project. Allows for smoothly and incremental adding dependencies during development

injection MVC framework to make the use of Express even easier

lazy-require Lazy require allows you to require modules lazily, meaning that when you lazy require a missing module, it is automatically installed. If the installation or require fails, the error is returned to the lazy require callback.

lint-deps Command-line tool to check for dependencies that are not listed in package.json, and optionally add them. Also tells you when packages that aren't used anywhere are listed in package.json.

load-common-grunt-tasks Load common grunt tasks and configs so you don't need to redefine them for every module

load-grunt-subtasks Load multiple grunt tasks from subprojects using globbing patterns

load-grunt-tasks Load multiple grunt tasks using globbing patterns

localdeps Checks if everything is up to date

logic Dependencies manager

madge Create graphs from your CommonJS or AMD module dependencies.

mantri Traditionaλ JS Dependency System

matchdep Use globule to filter npm module dependencies by name.

microplugin A lightweight plugin / dependency system for javascript libraries.

mimosa-dependency-graph A module for visualizing AMD/RequireJS dependencies in Mimosa projects

moardeps CLI tool to help add the latest non-bugfix semver of a given module to your package.json's list of dependencies.

module-dependency-graph Dependency Graph. Provides data structures to track transitive dependencies in a directed graph

module-investigator Find AMD and CommonJS style dependencies. Report information about format adherence.

mtb-parsedep 分析gitlab上mtb库中的依赖关系

node-dependencies Check out-of-date dependencies for your Node.js app

node-detective-amd Find all dependencies within a JavaScript file using AMD module syntax

npm-add CLI tool to quickly add npm packages to package.json. To speed up productivity.

npm-auto-dep Tool that searches your project's source code for all requires of external modules. Interactively adds dependencies to package.json based on their metadata.

npm-check-updates Find newer versions of dependencies than what your package.json allows

npm-dependencies-pagelet Pagelet for displaying the dependencies for a given module

npm-deps Merges dependencies from multiple package.json files in subdirectories.

npm-describe NPM package dependencies visualization

npm-dview Compare current package.json dependency version numbers with latest remote version number.

npm-graph Prints a dependency graph of modules that is actually required

npm-workspace A cli utility to simplify link-ing and install-ing of npm packages locally.

npmdep Build a dependency graph for npm packages

npmgraphbuilder Builds graph of npm dependencies from npm registry

npmlink Achieve global node modules by installing dependencies as symlinks

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