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licy Asynchronous dependency and lifecycle management for Node and the browser

limo Dependency injection with licy.js modules

madge Create graphs from your CommonJS or AMD module dependencies.

make-commonjs-depend Create dependencies for Makefiles. It's like makedepend but for JavaScript.

mantri Traditiona╬╗ JS Dependency System

meddle Middleware dependency management

medic-injector A light-weight Javascript Dependency Injection tool, strongly inspired by the great ActionScript3 RobotLegs & SwiftSuspenders frameworks

mimosa-dependency-graph A module for visualizing AMD/RequireJS dependencies in Mimosa projects

minioc A miniature, conventions-based IOC implementation for nodejs.

minioc-director call flow and dependency fullfilment manager built on minioc

minion Classical Inheritance in JavaScript.

moardeps CLI tool to help add the latest non-bugfix semver of a given module to your package.json's list of dependencies.

mockit Simple module dependency mocking

modular-amd A simple JavaScript loader, based on the AMD pattern.

module-dependency-graph Dependency Graph. Provides data structures to track transitive dependencies in a directed graph

module-deps walk the dependency graph to generate json output that can be fed into browser-pack

module-js Module system for JavaScript. Class, namespace, dependency injection support. RequireJS and CommonJS integration

modules CommonJS modules for the browser

monkey-patch Monkey Patching Dependency Injector

morgue require with mocks for testing in node.js

muk Mock object methods and dependencies.

nectar.js JavaScript dependency injection library.

needle-js Angular.js style dependency injection using reflection.

next-updater Dependable and safe automatic dependency updater for Nodejs packages

ng-annotate add, remove and rebuild angularjs dependency injection annotations

ng-dependencies > Analyze javascript code using [esprima]( and return a list of objects representing the module dependencies in the code.

ng-di-annotate add, remove and rebuild angularjs and ng-di dependency injection annotations

ngbmin Simple AngularJS pre-minifier. Transforms all functions that end with $ng from function-injection to array injection syntax

ngbrowserify Angular function-based injection to array-based injection transform for browserify and the command line.

ngspec dependency manager and injector for web applications

nlf Find licenses for a node application and its node_module dependencies

node-dependencies Check out-of-date dependencies for your Node.js app

node-dm Asynchronous Dependency Injection Manager for Node.JS

node-service-locator service locator for node.js apps

node.iody A light framework used to dependency injection.

nodeject A simple dependency injection module for JavaScript. Works as both a node.js module and as a browser module. CommonJS compatible.

noksha a simple dependency manager

npm-add CLI tool to quickly add npm packages to package.json. To speed up productivity.

npm-dep-chain Get all the NPM dependencies for a module / set of modules (goes down the stack, for all the subdependencies etc)

npm-flat-graph Given a list of modules, recursively retrieve their dependency graph and generate a flat list of each module's dependencies

numb The best way to manage your application's dependencies

omni-di Lightweight argument-based dependency injection

package-maker Automatically generate package.json dependencies by crawling requires

pester Ensure user is running correct node version for your app.

pixelpolishers-resolver A C++ dependency manager and makefile generator.

plan execute a complicated dependency graph of tasks with smooth progress events

pluto Dependency injection that's so small, it almost doesn't count.

pods Tiny managers for module definition and dependency management.

police policing tool for dependency package versions

prod Asynchronous npm dependency walker

proxyquire Proxies nodejs require in order to allow overriding dependencies during testing.

proxyquireify Proxies browserify's require in order to allow overriding dependencies during testing.

q-di Asynchronous dependency injection using Q promises

q-injector Lightweight asynchronous promise-based dependency injector

r42 Dependency injection done right.

rebrowser-parse walk the dependency graph to generate json output that can be fed into browser-pack

require-bean Minimal IoC container

require-graph Builds dependency chains for client-side assets

require-traverser A library for finding all the nested dependencies of a commonJS/node.js module. Uses 'detective' to traverse files.

requirefrom Require from a directory relative to node_modules, flattening your require paths.

reqursive Take a file and recursively discover all the files loaded in using `require()`.

restify-by-convention Routes HTTP requests to the appropriate controller and function by convention.

rewire Dependency injection for node.js applications

rewire-webpack Dependency injection for webpack bundles

rocco Rocco is a really simple(embrional) dependency injector

sack An Inversion-of-Control container for all your dependency injection needs.

sahara An inversion-of-control container for managing dependencies. Supports constructor, property and method injection

sbar-inject Dependency injection from angular.js to node.js with some $

scarlet-ioc A Javascript IoC container

scriptjs Asyncronous JavaScript loader and dependency manager

scss-dependency get list dependency of scss/sass file

serialize-deptree serialize a dependency tree

shepherd asynchronous dependency injection for node.js

simple-require nodejs like require/exports for browser

simpleplan Simple dependency injector for your precious node apps.

slurp a lightweight asynchronous dependency injector

sonata-ioc Annotation Parser

sonata-ioc-annotation Annotation for sonata-ioc

squirrel A furry little helper for dealing with optional NPM dependencies

srvc Micro-services framework

sweeper Cleans unused depencies

symlink npm link together local modules && npm install remaining dependencies

syringe-js Simple dependency injection for functions

syringejs An ultra-lightweight dependency injection framework for JavaScript

task-group Node module to run a graph of tasks

that Advanced Node.js framework featuring Evented Evolution Engine, Seamless State Sharing, and Plugin-optimized Operation

toposort Topological sort of directed ascyclic graphs (like dependecy lists)

toposort-class Topological sort of directed acyclic graphs (like dependecy lists)

tsort Topological sort on directed graphs.

typeioc Dependency injection container for node typescript

unwire Dependency injection with 'require()'

uplink A dependency-injected service layer compatible with express

voltron-di A dependency injection container for server-side apps.

winter Dependency injection that doesn't require you to change your code

ym Async modular system

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