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akismet-api Nodejs bindings to the Akismet ( spam detection service

ase gossip-like protocol to maintain a distributed network of peers

bowser a browser detector

bowser-bjork24 a browser detector - fixed for mobile testing

bowser-papandreou a browser detector

browseris Ask questions about the browser in Express.

cxn Network connection module with online/offline events

detect-pitch Detects the pitch of an audio snippet

detectify Detects the environment where the current script is running: NodeJS or Browser.

detectmobilebrowsers Mobile browser detection based on user-agent

device Browser detection library based on express-device, but without the express part

engine-sniff Engine detection utilities

environ Cross-platform environment detection library for JavaScript

express-device Browser detection library, built on top of express

faced light-weight library for face recognition including features such as eyes, nose and mouth.

focus Image focal point detection

grunt-jscpd Grunt task for use JSCPD lib

gumshoe Project type detection library for Node.JS using declarative heuristic predicates

is-extended Module for type detection

is-harmony ECMAScript6 (Harmony) feature detection library

is-node Returns true if it's running on NodeJS

mario a browser detector

modernizr-cli Command-line interface for Modernizr 3

motion A node.js motion detection library that supports node.js streams

n-body-pairs Given a collection of spheres with equal radii, find all pairwise intersections.

ndarray-prefix-sum Computes a prefix sum of an ndarray

node-dtmfin DTMF tone detection with node via portaudio and libdtmf

plays HTML5 audio and video feature detects

project-honeypot Friendly API for querying and consuming the Project Honeypot API

quadtree2 JavaScript implementation of quadtree datastructure for collision detection.

res Device resolution detection module

slayer Time series spike detection, like the Mathlab findpeaks function.

uglify-save-license License detector for UglifyJS

uupaa.browser.js Detect browser spec.

wurfl-client Simple client for WURFL's (mobile devices database) HTTP API.

zoo-crawler The crawler module fetches the best general information for any url. It's an open-source port of Zootool's content detection engine

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