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miniboilerplate Looking to create a jQuery plugin in CoffeeScript using Test-driven development? If so, MiniBoilerplate is what you've been looking for.

morphology express + mongo + html = awesome

mpr A simple CLI tool for running multiple processes

nein Wildcard DNS & HTTP server. http://foo.nein/bar -> ~/foo/bar

ngn-dev Includes the following:

nide Beautiful IDE for Node.js

node_restarter Kill/run command on changes to compiled files in or below the current directory.

node-mirror node.js + CodeMirror = Great IDE and Admin Tool

node-ursa A front end development workbench with server/https/template engine/optimization tools support

nodehost Local node.js host for node based website development.

nodemon Simple monitor script for use during development of a node.js app.

nodev Auto re-loading of node apps with node-inspector

nodeworks Node.js IDE

noprob Simple file change monitoring for any kind of development.

noprob-api Simple file change monitoring for any kind of development.

npm-dev-linker npm-wrapper for developing multiple components concurrently; creates symbolic links from node_modules to local projects and runs npm install for external dependencies

olodum dev DNS server

paws a `require()` replacement (specifically, a “code acquisition system.”)

paws.js a `require()` replacement (specifically, a “code acquisition system.”)

polpetta Creates a web server in any folder and with runtime node.js modules capability plus get, post data and more

poxy A zero-configuration dev server process manager + proxy for development in any language.

radedit Collaborative Development Framework

rapido Rápido is an extensible command line interface that enables rapid development for any technology stack. Rápido is written in JavaScript and is built on top of Node.js and npm.

reload Node.js module to refresh and reload your code in your browser when your code changes. No browser plugins required.

reloader Restart application on file change, work even on Windows

roil Watch file change and notify browser

role Develop services as single processes, deploy them as multiple.

roots roots is a toolbox for building simple, beautiful, and efficient products for the web

roots-express Roots live reload and css library for express

roots-static Roots is a tiny, fast, and flexible build system for static sites

runner development restart script for node.js

runtime-context are we in development or production

secure-servedir Creates a simple web server for a directory

serval A scaffolding tool for your webapp

serve-js handy development time middleware for projects written in the spirit of the commonjs module system

servedir Creates a simple web server for a directory

shahe A small library to load javascript classes into a node vm context

shoplifter Command line tool for Prestashop development

silog An easy to use JavaScript logging utility, especially useful during development

simple-autoreload-server Simple Web Server with live/autoreload features without browser extensions.

sketchplate Sketchplate is pre-project tooling for starting projects quickly.

splain creates human-readable type diagrams of deep objects, specifically to simplify reverse-engineering webservice APIs

srun define atomic steps, then build scripts with them. a global context object between steps is included for you!

srv Helps you run multiple instances of your service, provides graceful, zero downtime restart on signals, and handles errors. Does not require a seperate command line tool, nor does it daemonise your process, for better integration into other process monitors such as upstart.

sspa Serve Single-Page Applicaton while in development

start-up Development hosting with live compilations of Jade, CoffeeScript, Stylus and more.

startup Node.js HTTP app runner

static-here A command-line tool for creating a static file server from the current working directory.

stress-node Stress test library for Node JS

stress-node-server Node server for stress testing other servers

svh Simple (file) server for html-javascript web client app development

swiftly a high-level web framework for rapid development and clean design

tdd A Test Driven Development framework for Javascript.

tddforjs A Test Driven Development framework for Javascript.

terra grounds how we move onward

testjs No fancy crap, just testing like a man.

thimble Painless web development for Node.js

tiner Static server on-the-go

tualo-ide IDE written in JavaScript

watchmon Simple file monitor script for restarting your development node.js server

watchn Intelligently auto execute tasks on file/directory changes

webada Simplest web server

works Node.js IDE

yacl load config from a given environment

yeoman The Yeoman CLI is deprecated. See for more info.

yeoman-bootstrap Yeoman generator for Twitter Bootstrap LESS based projects

yeoman-coffeebone Yeoman generator for creating backbone apps using coffeescript, handlesbars and requirejs

yeoman-flask Yeoman generator for Flask project

yeoman-footguard Template generator for Yeoman. Include Backbone, RequireJS, CoffeeScript, Compass and Mocha by Testem

yeoman-foundation Yeoman generator for Zurb Foundation based project

yeoman-generator Rails-inspired generator system that provides scaffolding for your apps

yeoman-startr A Yeoman generator which creates scaffolds for web-applications.

yeoman-wordpress Yeoman generator for Wordpress project

yo CLI tool for scaffolding out Yeoman projects

zapp http server with live reloading, templates, markdown, and scss

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