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adb-cli a nodejs wrapper for adb to enable multi device support

change a tardis for timelords and native time travel

cigar-plugin-device Device utilisation plugin for Cigar which returns the used, free and total disk space of a device.

cocotte-device デバイス情報をsessionに保存

deviceatlas Node Device Atlas API

devicejs Devicejs is a runtime detecting tool

devicestack This module helps you to represent a device and its protocol.

express-isdevice express-isdevice uses a code from <> to detect devices

ftdi FTDI bindings for Node.js

hidstream Streaming HID events in Node.js

iproute Show and manipulate network devices, addresses, routing, policy routing and tunnels.

mnt Mount/unmount system devices

mobile-detect Device detection (phone, tablet, desktop, mobile grade, os, versions)

mobile-usage Analyze HTTP access logs and visualize statistics w/ focus on mobile usage

mount Mount devices with node.js like what

mv fs.rename but works across devices. same as the unix utility 'mv'

node-adm a Node.JS wrapper for Amazon Device Messaging for Kindle devices (ADM)

node-cockpit Coming soon

node-idevice Install apps on your ios device. Node wrapper around ideviceinstaller.

node-ssdp A node.js SSDP client and server library.

node-ssdp-lite A node.js SSDP client and server library.

oauth2-device Google OAuth 2.0 for Devices

orangutan Hyperterminal for various tracking devices

orientation-listener Listen for device orientation changes

res Device resolution detection module

retinafy Use JS to choose <img> src based on devicePixelRatio

ssdp A node.js SSDP client and server library.

twinkle Decode all device's message using its specification

ua-parser-js Lightweight JavaScript-based user-agent string parser

upnp A (crude) UPnP client and server

user-agent-parser Lightweight JavaScript-based user-agent string parser

uupaa.device.js Detect spec by the Device catalog.

uupaa.devicequery.js Device query function.

vehicle-machr vehicle-machr. today I didn't even have to use my APK, I gotta say it was a good day

viewport-list Return a list of devices and their viewports

wemonode A Belkin Wemo controller framework

wemonpm A Belkin Wemo controller framework

wurfl-client Simple client for WURFL's (mobile devices database) HTTP API.

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