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bittorrent-dht Simple, robust, BitTorrent DHT implementation

bittorrent-dht-byo A middle-level library for interacting with the BitTorrent DHT network. Bring your own transport layer and peer logic.

discover Node discovery based on Kademlia DHT protocol

get-telehash Telehash

k-bucket Kademlia DHT K-bucket implementation as a binary tree

kademlia An implementation of the Kademlia DHT in node.js

kademlia-dht Network-agnostic Kademlia Distributed Hash Table

nodetron A peer-to-peer, nearly-server-less, rich-client web app library using WebRTC.

r5n An implementation of the R5N distributed hash table

telehash A simplified telehash library for node and browserify

telehash-js An implementation of telehash in pure javascript

thjs An implementation of telehash in pure javascript that works in the browser.

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