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autocompletejs An asynchronous autocomplete data store built on top of a trie.

cachetree A scoped, fluent API for easily interacting with hierarchical, key-value data

chrome-i18n Chrome extension's locales builder.

coll JavaScript Collection Library for Node.js.

crafity-core Crafity Core Framework

data-js common data structures

dict A lightweight but safe dictionary, for when Object won't cut it

dictionary Defining properties on objects in JavaScript made easy.

dictionaryapi A node.js module to access Dictionary API (

dictionaryjs A simple dictionary wrapper for JavaScript objects providing associative array functionality and helpful methods. Methods include: get, set, getDefault, remove, has, size, empty, asyncEmpty, forEach, and asyncForEach.

dictnr Lightweight dictionary

diet-dictionary Translation Engine for Dietjs

errati Errati is a flexible errors index for NodeJS

four-word-phrase Pseudo-random deterministic generation of phrases from a dictionary.

hashtbl A hashtable library

hasshu A simple library for manipulating hash data structures.

invert-hash Inverts an object hash

jshashtable jshashtable is a JavaScript implementation of a hash table. It associates objects ("keys") with other objects ("values"). Each key is associated with precisely one value. "Objects" here is used loosely to mean any JavaScript object or value.

lazy-property Lazily initialized properties for objects

madlibs string based fake data

mapping A safe, sensible dictionary implementation.

mw-dictionary Simple wrapper for the Merriam-Webster dictionary API found at

namebot A node.js module for generating usernames based on a specified corpus.

node-edict Edict Dictionary Search

protodict a reliable dictionary with prototypal inheritance.

qdds Simple Map and Set for JavaScript

random-word Returns a random English word

randword Returns random English words.

rhyme A rhyming dictionary

safemap A tiny, safe, ES3-compliant map/dictionary implementation.

sntls Essential data structures and behaviors

speedr Improved javascript objects

spell javascript dictionary module for node.js, and the browser

stringmap fast and robust stringmap

testr A generic object testing package for Node.js

tran translation tool for Computer-Science-Glossary

triejs Customizable trie data structure built in JavaScript.

urban Simple API and command line for Urban Dictionary

util4js The util4js library contains JavaScript utilities.

wid Generate random word concatenations to match a specific length. Sub <1ms creation time.

word-list List of English words

word-stream Returns a stream of English words

wordnet English-English dictionary with 140k+ words from WordNet.

words Word Generator provides hints while playing games like Letterpress, Words with Friends, and Scrabble.

wordsworth Spell-checker / spelling correcter module.

wotd get the word of the day from the Merriam-Webster website

yacollections A simple pack of collections for node and browser. No prototype modifications. Map, Set, List. JavaScript objects are used instead of HashTable algorythm implementation

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