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ansidiff ANSI colored text diffs

array-tracker Statefully tracks arrays for additions and deletions.

assert-diff Drop-in replacement for assert to give diff on deepEqual.

become Transform target DOM elements to become incoming HTML

big-object-diff A tool for visualizing the differences between large JavaScript objects.

brauhaus-diff A recipe difference plugin for Brauhaus.js

bsdiff-bin binary diff using bsdiff and bspatch. binaries included for windows

bsdiff4 BSDiff/BSPatch port for node.js

bufferdiff A C++ module for node-js to test if two buffers are equal, fast (could add diff later).

changeset Library to diff JSON objects into atomic put and delete operations, and apply change sets to objects. Useful with Levelup/LevelDB object synchronization.

changesets A Changeset library incorporating an operational transformation (OT) algorithm -- for node and the browser!

chardiff Character-level text diffs respecting line boundaries

collection-diff collectionDiff takes two arrays of objects and return one array describing the similarities and differences

color-diff Implemets the CIEDE2000 color difference algorithm, conversion between RGB and LAB color and mapping all colors in palette X to the closest color in palette Y based on the CIEDE2000 difference.

coopyhx Diff and patch tables

copy_diff Take file diffs as input and copy or print modified files.

crawl Website crawler and differencer

daff Diff and patch tables

data-diff a library to get the changes from one object to another

deep-diff Javascript utility for calculating deep difference, capturing changes, and applying changes across objects; for nodejs and the browser.

dep-diff Get a list of differences between package dependencies

dependencies-diff Merge dependencies and their versions

dependiff Compare diffs of dependencies between meta files.

diff A javascript text diff implementation.

diff-buf compare two buffer in node.js and output the diff

diff-ini Load two INI files and return their differences

diff-parser Diff Parser

diff-replay Diff implementation with diff application and reversion functions. Save bandwidth by calculating the diff of a document on the client and sending the diff to the server instead of the entire document. The server can construct the new document from the old document by applying the diff.

diff-stream Compare the contents of two object streams, and produce a new stream consisting of the differences

differ Diff and patch Javascript objects

difflet colorful diffs for javascript objects

difflib text diff library ported from Python's difflib module

diffpatcher Utilities for diff-ing & patch-ing hashes

difftest-runner A simple utility to assist in the exeuction of diff based tests.

difty Compare objets or arrays and get diffs

dirdiff Directory diff tool.

docdiff Evaluate the difference between two documents (objects)

dtl A diff template library binding for node.js

entitydiff ERROR: No file found!

ftp-diff-deployer Incremetally push to your FTP server. `ftp-diff-deployer` has a special integration with git, but can work everywhere.

giff A javascript text diff implementation.

gitw Git GUI desktop app that shows real-time diff file information for working directory and index

grunt-diff Run tasks only when target files change.

grunt-sizediff Diff file sizes between current git branch and a branch/commit

hdiff Human Readable JSON Diff

html-diff Diffs folders of .html files to make sure they are the same

htmldiff HTML Diffing in JavaScript (CoffeeScript)

htmldiff-cmd Command line htmldiff

image-diff Create image differential between two images

imagediff JavaScript Canvas based imagediff utility.

ja.di javascript diff library

jquery-element-diff jQuery plugin that generates JavaScript code to arrange element to be same.

jsdiff diff objects

json-diff-patch A JavaScript implementation of the JSON Media Type for partial modifications:

json-must-eql A must.js assertion helper that uses difflet to output exactly where actual and expected JSONs are not eql

json-patch A JavaScript implementation of the JSON Media Type for partial modifications:

jsondiffpatch Diff & Patch for Javascript objects

jsonpatch An implementation of JSON Patch and JSON Pointer IETF RFCs

juxtapose Compare multi-line strings side by side

linediff simple line diff function for both client and server end

maxmin Get a pretty output of the original, minified, gzipped size of a string or buffer: 130 B → 91 B → 53 B (gzip)

ndiff diff files and recieve stdout or callback

node-diff A port of John Resig's Javascript Diff Algorithm posted here:

nodediff Nodejs版本的文件diff工具

npm-diff Diff two versions of a node module

objdiff Diffs two javascript objects.

objectdiff Compares JavaScript objects

omicron A utility library for object manipulation and differential operations, prototypal inheritance, and more.

panorama review changes across multiple repositories

parse-diff Unified diff parser

png-diff Small PNG diff utility, written in pure JS for Node.

pretty-diff Generate colorized HTML diffs.

prettydiff File comparison tool to accurately diff between file versions regardless of comments or minification to the whitespace. It can also beautify (pretty print) and minify HTML.

recordset-diff ERROR: No file found!

rediffs Diff two redis instances

resemblejs Image analysis and comparison with HTML5

retrace.js A browser library that uses html parsing to gain an comprehensive overview of newly added nodes

revision Realtime collaboration tool.

rfc6902 Complete implementation of RFC6902 (patch and diff)

rfc6902-json-diff JSON diff according to RFC6902

rus-diff MongoDB compatible JSON diff.

shallow-diff compare two objects or arrays and return the diff (add/updated/removed/unchanged)

simplediff Simple diff algorithm

stream-joins Join operations for ordered object-mode streams (e.g. timeseries data). Various types of join operations that join two timeseries streams into a single stream.

suite A simple diff based test suite for executable programs with outputs

symmetry Sync objects by diffing and patching

symmetry-bb Apply Symmetry patches to Backbone models

terminal-diff A tool for keeping track of what is on your terminal screen

time-calc Calculating time unit.

udiff Module used to work with unified diff files via a JS API.

undo-redoer Simple and robust CoffeeScript/JavaScript library for undo/redo features on plain state object. Full test coverage. For Node.JS and Browser (with AMD support).

unfunk-diff Object & string diff rendering for all displays

viff Find virtual differences between web pages in different environments(developing, staging, production) and browsers.

xigan Date tools

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