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digger command line tools for running digger nodes

digger-app Bootstrap a digger application from a YAML file

digger-blueprints Client side blueprint handler for digger

digger-bridge A client to server bridge for digger requests

digger-bundle A full featured digger-container with find, XML, contracts and radio

digger-client A bundle of digger-* modules that works well as a basic client for warehouses

digger-container A JQuery style array wrapper for JSON models

digger-contracts The contract factory for digger server requests

digger-files File uploader and CSV file importer for digger

digger-find The client side find function for digger container trees

digger-html-parser Process front-matter in .html files that loads data for ejs templates to use

digger-mailgun A digger supplier for the mailgun API

digger-meta-cache A warehouse that saves the tag, id and class meta data from all warehouses on the network into Redis

digger-mongo Mongo supplier for digger

digger-nestedset Abstract supplier for digger that knows left from right

digger-network The contract / request and reply modules for digger

digger-ntp Get the time from digger

digger-radio Pub/Sub client for digger-client

digger-reception The main query router for a network

digger-redis Redis backed lists of containers - no selectors but v fast at flat append remove from lists

digger-security-guard OAuth manager for digger servers - connects to a digger warehouse for storage

digger-selector The CSS selector parser used for digger

digger-serve A www server for a digger web application

digger-sockets SockJS connector for digger requests

digger-stack A service map for a digger network

digger-static A static digger supplier that selects the contents of xml, json and csv files in a folder

digger-supplier A database warehouse for

digger-supplychain The supply chain wrapper for transport layers

digger-warehouse The server side request handler for digger

digger-xml The XML parser for digger container data

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