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autofile-mkdir Make directory recursively, just like 'mkdir -p'.

batchdir Batch create directories or delete them.

compresser compress your entire project

dank-fileemitter Walk a directory (optionally recursively) and emit events for each object encountered

ddir minimal dir tool

dir Firebug-like dir() for Node.

dir_count File counting module for directories with metric and alert outputs

dir-compress compress your entire project

dirscanner Analyze a directory substructure and return it as an object.

dirStat The result of fs.stat on all files in a directory

dirstream Stream file names from a given directory.

dirutils Adds pushdir, popdir, and dirs methods to node's process object.

dirwalker A directory tree walker

ekit-dir A small node.js module to provide some convenience methods for dealing with dir.

file-manifest Require all the files in a directory into a single object

file-tree-sync A function that iterates recursively through a directory structure and returns it as a normal array. Supports glob syntax to ignore files if needed.

find-parent-dir Finds the first parent directory that contains a given file or directory.

finder-path Get the path of the current directory in Finder (OS X)

fixture-dir Create/copy directory to temporary directory

fs-equals test pieces of the file system for equality

fswatcher Um monitor de diretórios que permite executar vários programas

hashdir Hashes content in directory and returning object with file structure and hashes (useful in tests)

jsdir python dir like for javascript /coffeescript

jsftp-mkdirp Recursively create nested directories with jsftp, like mkdirp

jsoncfg Easily read JSON files from a directory. Great for configuration.

ndir The lost dir util tools for Nodejs. Handle dir and file in Event

node-dir asynchronous file and directory operations for Node.js

node-dirutils A set of utility functions for working with directories.

nor-fs Asynchronous file system library with chainable Q promises for Node.js

partdir Convert a filename to a partitioned directory and filename

pwuid getpwuid() binding - returns username, name, home directory, shell, gid from uid

readdirtree reads a dir tree

recurse Takes a root dir and recursively streams paths

rtl Right to Left Language Automatic Transfer

spider-stream spider a directory and turn it into a stream

strip-path Strip a path from a path

svn-utils A silly module for CS242's portfolio assignment

sweep-node Clean your directories of unwanted files.

tildify Convert an absolute path to tilde path: /Users/sindresorhus/dev => ~/dev

untildify Convert a tilde path to an absolute path: ~/dev => /Users/sindresorhus/dev

watch_dir Watch for file changes in specific directory

webdir web server for current working directory contents

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