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atropa-exists Utilities for checking the existence of files and folders.

audit-fs Audit file/directory properties and content

backup Web Site backup & restore

batchdir Batch create directories or delete them.

bucket-rename-dir Rename directories for Amazon S3 objects.

este-watch Fast and reliable files watcher.

filepath A little utility interface for working with the filesystem in Node.js.

fileutils Some utilities that diminish the suck of working with the file system in node

fs2 fs (file system package) extensions

grunt-audit-fs Verify build file/directory properties and content with audit-fs

grunt-mixin-dir Utility to add directory handling to your grunt task

hardhat Scaffolding utility for blue-collar programmers.

jsftp-mkdirp Recursively create nested directories with jsftp, like mkdirp

mktree Create a tree of directories in one go.

nor-fs Asynchronous file system library with chainable Q promises for Node.js

require-tree require() whole directory trees

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