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adhoc Start a web server in that directory. This instant! (like python -m SimpleHTTPServer on steroids)

apache-browser Parse Apache's HTTP Directory Listings

appdirectory A cross-platform utility to find the best directory to put data and config files.

async-walker Async, recursive directory walker with helpers

autofile-mkdir Make directory recursively, just like 'mkdir -p'.

autoindex parse an autoindex page into JSON

batchdir Batch create directories or delete them.

baya Create the directory structure

betamax Automate the copying/removing of temporary directories for your tests

bulk-require require a whole directory of trees in bulk

bulkify transform inline bulk-require calls into statically resolvable require maps

cahier Static file conversion, writing and reading

camelcaser a simple module to capitalize first letter of your filename

chdir process.chdir() in a callback plus directory stacks

commondir Compute the closest common parent for file paths

ddir minimal dir tool

dir-backup Backup and restore a directory (recursively) in .tar.gz format

dir-obj Convert a directory structure to an object (including file contents)

dir2json convert a directory tree to json representation

dirdiff Directory diff tool.

dire Require a directory of node.js modules as a flat or nested object.

directory-doctor Self-contained directory management library.

directory-search Recursively search a directory and return a list of files with matching extension.

directory-stream A stream based directory scanner

directory-tree Convert a directory tree to a JS object.

dirlist A simple & old school directory listing middleware for node. Inspired by Apache's mod_autoindex.

dirreader Recursive read the file directory.

dirrequire Library for async require files in directory

dirStat The result of fs.stat on all files in a directory

dirstream Stream file names from a given directory.

dirswipe just convenient modules loader

dirwalker A directory tree walker

DirWatcher A simple tool for you to watch a directory

disc A tool for analyzing the module tree of a browserify bundle or node project

domainiac A very simple and user friendly domain -> directory router.

drouter A node.js directory-driven router for connect/express

dstruc Get directories and files recursively.

ekit-dir A small node.js module to provide some convenience methods for dealing with dir.

emptykeep Create keep file (default is .gitkeep) file to empty directory

ensureDir Ensures the directory exists, creating it recursively if not

exclusion-manager Manages a list of file or directory names (or patterns) to ignore/exclude and provides an easy to way check if a file or directory name should be ignored.

expand-home-dir Expand ~/

extendfs ExtendFS is a module to extend Node's default File System (fs) module to recursively copy/delete directories with callbacks to notify the caller upon each successful copy/delete of a file or directory and upon completion of the whole process.

file-manifest Require all the files in a directory into a single object

file-queue A file system based queue (implemented using maildir)

file-tree-sync A function that iterates recursively through a directory structure and returns it as a normal array. Supports glob syntax to ignore files if needed.

filerake Traverse a directory to build a MongoDB collection with the found files. Then it's enable to keep directory and collection synchronised.

finder-on-steroids Recursively finds files and directories.

finder-path Get the path of the current directory in Finder (OS X)

findit walk a directory tree recursively with events

findit2 walk a directory tree recursively with events

fixture-dir Create/copy directory to temporary directory

fs-extra fs-extra contains methods that aren't included in the vanilla Node.js fs package. Such as mkdir -p, cp -r, and rm -rf.

fs-traverse Utility functions to recursively traverse directories (asynchronously and synchronously) triggering the provided callback (optionally filtering filenames by a regex)

fs-walk Synchronous and asynchronous recursive directory listing for node

fs2json Translates a filesystem directory structure into a JSON object

fshelpers Some helper functions for more convenient file system operations in NodeJS.

fsls Print directory trees with glob filtering.

fson fson ====

fswalk The simplest possible directory walker

FuellSys Fuell library extension of system utilities for node.js

galactico Galactico scaffolds a directory structure from predefined templates.

geny simple project generator library

gethub Download a github repository to a folder using the .tar.gz bundle

git-bd A new working directory for each git branch.

git-file read file and directory data from a git repo as streams

glob-require Use glob to find and call `require` on all matching files in a directory tree.

grunt-fileindex Write index files of directory contents

grunt-folderwiseconcat Grunt plug-in to concatenate files folder wise.

grunt-hash-files Copies files to a directory that includes a hash of the contents of those files.

grunt-remove Remove directory and files

grunt-replicate Grunt Task for Replicating Directories

grunt-tree Parse a directory to a tree with json format.

handlebars-load-tree Load handlebars templates and partials from a directory, recursively.

handlebars-precompile-directory Precompile a directory of handlebars templates

handlebars-watcher Directory watcher for handlebars files and will compile into specified directory on change.

hardhat Scaffolding utility for blue-collar programmers.

hash-dir-contents A simple function for computing the hash of the contents of an entire directory

hash-files A simple function for computing the hash of the contents of one or more files

hashdir Hashes content in directory and returning object with file structure and hashes (useful in tests)

home-dir Get home directory path on any platform

hound Cross platform directory tree watcher, focussed on reliability, speed, and simplicity.

illinois-directory Look up NetIDs in the Illinois directory

include-all An easy way to include all node.js modules within a directory. This is a fork of felixge's awesome module, require-all ( which adds the ability to mark an include as **optional**.

jadic A simple build tool to compile a directory full of jade templates to html files

jsftp-mkdirp Recursively create nested directories with jsftp, like mkdirp

jsgui-node-fs2-core jsgui - Image module. Load, save, access metadata.

jsoncfg Easily read JSON files from a directory. Great for configuration.

jsondir Convert JSON to directories and back again.

khaos A super-simple way to generate directory or file templates.

ldsorg A JavaScript library for accessing with Node.js or a browser

loadfiles Load every file from a given directory.

loadit Asynchronously loads (requires) all files in the given directory and all recursive subdirectories that match the given regular expression.

makedir recursively make directories that you need in node.js

markdown-walker Node.js - markdown-walker ================

match-files Recursive file filtering utils

match-filesv2 Recursive file filtering utils

merge-dirs node module to synchronously and recursively merge files from one folder to another

merkle-dir Create merkle trees from directories

mirrorworks A handy rsync wrapper cli tool.

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