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discover Node discovery based on Kademlia DHT protocol

discover-client NodeJS client for Discover, a Docker service discovery provider

discover-tcp-transport Node discovery TCP transport

discovery Discovery provides dynamic service discovery over a pluggable interface.

docker-discover Service Discovery for Docker

elsewhere A node project that aims to replicate the functionality of the Google Social Graph API

gday avahi/dns-sd wrapper

hakken Discovery Platform

kademlia-dht Network-agnostic Kademlia Distributed Hash Table

littlehook A lan-wide EventEmitter2 implementation supporting complete decentralization, auto-discovery and request-response emulation.

marauders-map service port announcer and finder

nodecast Node interface to DIAL/RAMP/ChromeCast

polo a zero configuration discovery service written completely in Javascript

riak-bot riak node configuration, discovery & auto clustering

tent-discover Performes the Tent discovery dance

udp-discovery Provides zero-config discovery service using broadcast UDP.

vac A language detection library named after the hindu goddess of communications and words Vāc.

webfinger Client library for Host Meta (RFC 6415) and Webfinger

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