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1 Distributed pub/sub based in ØMQ

afd Accrual Failure Detector

ajfabriq Distributed applications using messages

albert An HTTP event server in Node.js

and P2P Team chat & todo solution

apiary Spawn multi-system multi-user node.js clouds, on your own hardware and/or with 3rd party virtual servers

ase gossip-like protocol to maintain a distributed network of peers

authoritee Authoritative models for scuttlebutt meshes

authorization-server-client Client to access an authorization server for oauth2 token validation in a distributed environment.

authpack Package of distributed client and server OAuth2 API's

b-swarm library for distributed computing

backer Distributed backup / file mirroring tool

bronto Bully for redis

bully Implementation of the Bully Algorithm to elect a master among equal peers in a distributed system

callosum Self-balancing distributed services protocol

callosum-client-tcp TCP client for Callosum: a self-balancing distributed services protocol

callosum-client-tcp-rover TCP client rover for Callosum: a self-balancing distributed services protocol

callosum-server-slots Server slot management for Callosum: a self-balancing distributed services protocol

callosum-server-tcp TCP server for Callosum: a self-balancing distributed services protocol

centaur Distributed messaging framework

circuit-breaker Port of Akka's CircuitBreaker

crafity-nodemanager Manage multiple node instances

culture Distributed application framework

cumin A minimalistic library for redis-based queues

d-json Distributed JSON.

devents A simple Redis-based distributed event emitter.

dh A distributed hash. Simply a wrapper around the Redis hash.

discovery Discovery provides dynamic service discovery over a pluggable interface.

distribus A scalable, distributed message bus

distro An small simple wrapper over UDP Datagrams to create clients/servers with an standard message format.

dronos Dronos is a distributed scheduling system (with patterns similar to Linux's cron system), using MongoDB to coordinate running tasks (drons) across multiple nodes.

elastix A Fully Featured ElasticSearch Client with EJS integration.

emiflake A utility library for creating a service that generates unique IDs at scale. Think of it as containing the common logic of Twitter's Snowflake and Boundary's Flake.

entangle Distributed JavaScript objects using Object.observe() with pluggable drivers

etcdx etcd v2 client for node.js

fail Generic failure detector for connections

fash A consistent hashing library for node

federation Federated Node.js Actor Network

flake Generate practically unique (approximately sortable) IDs in a distributed environment.

flake-idgen Flake ID generator yields k-ordered, conflict-free ids in a distributed environment

flexible Easily build flexible, scalable, and distributed, web crawlers.

forerunner forerunner is a distributed job queue framework

franchise Manage a netowrk of `proprietor` hosts

gearmanode Node.js library for the Gearman distributed job system with support for multiple servers

gid Genuine ID Generator

gossip Distributed messaging framework

gossip-object replicate an object with scuttlebutt

granite A rock solid Node.js web framework

grid Server for distributed networking with WebRTC

happening Distributed network-based event emitter

hash_ring Consistent hashing C++ Add-on for node.js

infinitas distributed scheduling system with flexible persistence

internet Framework for creating peer-to-peer browser networks

ipc A simple inter process communication library along with distributed election algorithm (Bully) for Node.js

issue Distributed Issue Tracking

jayson JSON-RPC 2.0 compliant server and client

jstp Node JSTP implementation

kademlia-dht Network-agnostic Kademlia Distributed Hash Table

klog Distributed issue tracking

kurunt Real-time processing of streaming data at any scale.

locker Full-featured client for locker lock server with timeouts support

locker-server lock server written in node.js

lockserver A distributed locking client/server implementation

lozigo Collect logs from a distributed network and parse them with connect-style middleware

messageq A reliable delivery pub/sub messaging system.

monje JSTP bindings for MongoDB

mono-cluster-package A package/bundle for clustering multiple MonoStack

multinodes Running many logical nodes in different machines. Each logical node can host services, and interchange messages.

mushroom Mushroom sprouts a never-ending set of child processes which can report statistics back to the host. Like multi-process forever.

mutual Scala-inspired Actors that use Redis as a message transport

node_chat A scalable version of Ryan Dahl's node_chat

node-anchorman Distributed messaging using redis

node-jstp Node JSTP implementation

node-stash Distributed cache using Redis and in-memory LRU

nodegears NodeJS bindings for Gearman

noderpc A framework for building distributed services with NodeJS

nomoque Database Centric Distributed Task Queue

numessage A Non-Uniform Messaging framework to let distributed servers communicate together.

onramp Web Socket Server to Connect to P2P Networks

orcastrike Distributed load testing for node.js using pirate. P2P Distributed Workload for NodeJS

phi-accrual-detector Port of Akka's AcrrualFailureDetector

plink Simple peer-to-peer browser connections with tokens

plink-server Basic websocket server for plink, based on onramp

po Distributed JavaScript objects using Object.observe()

proletariat An easy-to-use job queuing and distribution system made in/for node. It supports priorities and priority based `QoS'.

pub-sub-js Distributed publish/subscribe messaging system

qb A super-simple service-provider framework.

queen A platform for running scripts on many browsers

queen-monitor-plugin A monitoring endpoint for queen

queen-populator-plugin Adds populator support to queen

queen-remote Rule browsers remotely, remotely

redis-exp-lock Distributed lock using Redis and Lua

redis-lock A locking primitive using redis.

reduler A redis-backed distributed task scheduler.

relyq A reliable redis-backed queue.

remoteobjects Remote objects in a distributed peer-to-peer network

resist A Distributed Reverse Caching Proxy

rlock distributed lock for nodejs using redis

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