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angular-doc JavaScript documentation generator with support for AngularJS specific element (ie. services, directives, controllers, etc...), based on YUIDoc, YUI's JavaScript Documentation engine.

assemble-collections Node library for managing collections of items in or out of Assemble.

auidocjs AUIDoc from YUIDoc

beautiful-pad A markdown editor with live preview

bindbook Compile Chapter/Article Filestructure all into one.

bootstrap-coffeedoc An API documentation generator for CoffeeScript with Bootstrap

brief Generate and publish Github pages quickly and easily.

calliope Command line interface for kalamoi/papyr documentation in JS projects.

cduk A modularize code/doc splitter inspired by docco

cheatsheet Cheatsheet boilerplate. Created for the new website, based on Shopify Cheat Sheet by Mark Dunkley.

citare-scriptum Documentation generation, in the spirit of literate programming.

coddoc Documentation generator

coffeedoc An API documentation generator for CoffeeScript

coffeedoc-hub An API documentation generator for CoffeeScript, for use on GitHub wiki

coffeedoc-lm Fork of CoffeeDoc by Larry Maccherone - an API documentation generator for CoffeeScript

coffeedoctest Test your documentation (code examples in markdown-formatted block comments or

constraint on being mad within reason

croco Coding Convention Generator

csdoc An API documentation generator for CoffeeScript.

dawg Documentation and whatnot generator

doc Runtime documentation tool for REPL

docco The Quick and Dirty Literate Programming Documentation Generator

docco-husky Generated static project documentation primarily for node.js projects. A fork of Docco

docco-maoxu The Quick and Dirty Literate Programming Documentation Generator

docco-next Fork of docco with a lot of advanced features

docco-omnode The Quick and Dirty Literate Programming Documentation Generator

docco-with-write-function Fork of docco with extra functions exported

docco-xt Generates static project documentation. A fork of docco with focus on larger projects

doccoh The Quick and Dirty Literate Programming Documentation Generator with Highlight.js as Syntax Highlighter

doccomatic Connect middleware to generate and serve Docco pages.

doctagon.js A tool for creating docs from simple markdown

dokko jashkenas/Docco alternative with template support

doku A non-opinionated code documenter.

dokumentiere JavaScript documentation generator

doq Easy documentation using markdown.

downpress Downpress is simple, fast and lightweight generator of static websites.

dox Markdown / JSdoc documentation generator

dox-basic Markdown / JSdoc documentation generator using dox

dox-edp Markdown / JSdoc documentation generator

dox-foundation HTML output for Dox documentation generator

dox-template HTML generator for dox

doxumentor A documentation page builder for Dox.

doxx Generic, template based, HTML output for Dox documentation generator

dss Documented Style Sheets

edify Documentation generator for GitHub:Pages.

edocco An editable Docco document

express-mongoose-docs Auto-generated API Documentation for Express and Mongoose based APIs

extract-components This is a proof-of-concept. some quick and dirty utils for extracting UI components from HTML using CSS selectors.

find-path Given a search string and a list of file paths, find the closest path.

fnhelp Get some fn' help from your functions (parse for comments!)

functional-docs A documentation test suite for HTML files

generator-docs Yeoman generator for Writer. Generate project documentation templates or a README template for Writer to build.

generator-verb Kickstart documentation for any project! This is the official Yeoman generator for Verb, a zero-configuration markdown documentation generator that is extremely easy to use and extend.

gh-clone git clone a repo with only username/repo.

git-username Extract the username from a git remote origin URL.

gitdoc Beautiful documentation built by repo wikis.

gitdocs Documentation generated automatically from files hosted in github

googledocs Simple Google Docs interface.

groc Documentation generation, in the spirit of literate programming.

grock Convert commented code to awesome side-by-side documentation.

grunt-asdoc A Grunt task plugin to generate documentation for Adobe Flex/ActionScript/MXML/FLV/etc. apps with the `asdoc` tool from the Apache/Adobe Flex SDK.

grunt-beautiful-docs Generate beautiful markdown-based documentation using Grunt

grunt-bulldoc Documentation generator from Markdown and HTML template

grunt-css-docs CSS Docs & Style Guide generator based on DSS. (Similar to JSDoc format) Template support Handlebars, Hogan, Jade, Mustache

grunt-dawg Use dawg inside grunt to view or generate documentation

grunt-documantix Creates html docs out of docblock stuff

grunt-dss Build UI Documentation with the DSS Parser

grunt-file-info Automate template-driven updates of project file stats to project documentation.

grunt-jsduck Compile JSDuck documentation.

grunt-literate Generate docs from your source

grunt-phaser Grunt plugin for Phaser, the deadliest markdown documentation generator in the Alpha Quadrant.

grunt-toga Clothe your code with Grunt.

grunt-verb Grunt plugin for Verb, the markdown documentation generator with zero-configuration required.

gulp-toga Clothe your code with Gulp.

handlebars-helper-analytics Handlebars helper for adding Google Analytics scripts to the head and/or footer

handlebars-helper-resolve WIP, don't use yet! This helper consults the context and config values to automatically resolve the correct path to the specificed destination file.

hapi-swagger A swagger documentation UI generator plugin for hapi

hastings Documentation with grit.

helpers-utils Utility methods commonly used for writing helper libraries. A github based, open source documentation solution

iceddoc An API documentation generator for IcedCoffeeScript

intdoc Introspective documentation for JavaScript

is-git-url Regex to validate that a URL is a git url.

jox JavaScript documentation generator

jsdoc-bem Plugin for for documenting bem enteties

jsdog Simple JSDoc documentation generator

jsocco Docco style document generator of JavaScript

lidoc Literate-programming-style documentation generator

liquid-to-handlebars Node.js lib for converting liquid templates to handlebars templates. Whipped this up as a quick and dirty, preliminary step to extracting HTML components from Bootstrap's docs, in a way that makes them actually reusable.

literapi Literate testing for HTTP APIs using markdown

lout API documentation generator plugin for hapi

mad Markdown manpages

markdocs Simple docs for apps with markdown

markdown-page Parse a markdown article or page.

markdown-styles Markdown to HTML generator and multiple CSS themes for Markdown

mdn CLI for easily opening JavaScript documentation on the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) in your browser

mdoc Markdown based documentation generator

mdox Markdown / JSdoc documentation generator

morocco A fork of Docco ('The Quick and Dirty Literate Programming Documentation Generator')

nag-doc General purpose JavaScript documentation generator with support for AngularJS specific components.

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