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couchdb-emily-tools Complete set of tools for synchronizing an observable key/value stores with CouchDB documents, views, and managing users or security documents. Works both in the browser and in node.js

couchdb-expired This worker can be launched by cron or other scheduler to run daily and bulk deletions all expired documents from your couchdb databases.

couchviews Store and load CouchDB views to / from your file system for easier setup of new databases.

docpad-plugin-related Adds support for related documents to DocPad

docpad-plugin-taxonomy Adds support for basic taxonomy to DocPad

ep_export_documents_images This plugin for Etherpad-Lite exports pad in a document (.odt, .doc, .pdf), with images for embedded pictures. Use the 'soffice' command. Only tested on Linux for now. BETA VERSION.

ideamark A simple nodejs document store for ideas, concepts, documentation supporting markdown

mongoose-document-utils A Mongoose plugin to track insert/modification and availability of documents

mongoose-findbyids Find documents in a MongoDB collection by an array of IDs

NoCR NoCR (like JCR) is content repository API, unlike JCR it's written in CoffeeScript+Node.js instead of Java, and also allows to implement a content repository in javascript or coffee. It helps you to write a good implementation as it provides a full featured test suite.

pdparse Phonegap(Cordova) documents parse to json.

pdparser Phonegap(Cordova) documents parse to json.

rtf Assists with creating rich text documents.

substance-libary Where Substance documents feel at home.

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