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aspect dojo aspect function

connect-dojo Connect middleware exposing the Dojo Toolkit

declare dojo 1.7 based oop utils

declarejs Yet another class/object inheritance simulator (Dojo's ) for node

doco The JavaScript documentation generator used in dojo, the node.js application server.

dojo Dojo core is a powerful, lightweight library that makes common tasks quicker and easier. Animate elements, manipulate the DOM, and query with easy CSS syntax, all without sacrificing performance.

dojo-express A Node.js Express based server with support. It is based on dojo/node.

dojo-node dojo on the other side

frozen-on Event emitter sugar for DOM and Node based on dojo/on

generator-cordojo A generator for Yeoman

generator-dapp A Yeoman generator for Dojo Single Page App using Dojo App Framework

generator-dojo A generator for Yeoman

generator-dude A Yeoman generator for mobile web and cordova

grunt-dojo-build-profile Auto generate dojo build profiles based on project source

hokan Local Storage for Dojo

intern Intern. A next-generation code testing stack for JavaScript.

intern-geezer Intern: geezer edition. A next-generation code testing stack for last-generation JavaScript code.

jsonreststores A module to create full Json REST stores in minutes

karma-dojo A Karma plugin. Adapter for Dojo Toolkit.

lima A framework for developing rich web apps using node and dojo

server_side_dijit Middleware plugin for Connect that renders dijit widget templates, which are normally rendered client-side, on the server. Returned pages are modified to include the generated server-side templates inline, with a client-side JavaScript plugin to hook up the templates to the widget.

setten Dojo-style wrappers for NodeJS

simpledeclare A simple implementation of declare() to have Javascript (single and multiple) inheritance in a very elegant, dojo-style way

snapsearch-client-nodejs NodeJS HTTP Client Middleware Libraries for SnapSearch. Search engine optimisation for single page applications.

stj Standard Toolkit Javascript. Multi-platform core javascript library. Provide OOP and useful functions. As brand free as possible and CommonJS philosophy.

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