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domeventlogger Util for discovering events being emitted by browser apis and dom nodes

domevents node.js eventemitter api for dom events

domflow Tiny Reactive DOM Programming Library

domhandler handler for htmlparser2 that turns pages into a dom

domify turn HTML into DOM elements

domina Functional DOM processing abstractions through generic functions.

dominator DOMinator is a jQuery-like DOM micro library.

dominatrix Push brand new DOM structures into pleasant submission!

dominject Inject scripts and styles into the DOM with duplicate prevention and completion callback support

domjs Build dom structure easy way with plain js. Client and server side template engine

doml a DOM constructor

domlt obtain [left, top] from an element

domnode node style streams for the DOM

domnode-dom DOMNode streams for HTMLElements

domo Markup, style, and code in one language.

domparser this is an alias of xmldom, please use xmldom instead

dompteur play with the Document Object Model (DOM) tree

domquery Handy jQuery-like DOM Programming Library

domready modern domready

domstream HTML manipulation with progressiv output stream

domstream-client domstream API on the client

domtalk Generates CSS Selector for a DOM element

domthen promises for silly DOMRequest crap

domutil DOM utility functions

domutils utilities for working with htmlparser2's dom

domutils-browserify-ws utilities for working with htmlparser2's dom

domwalker A helper utility to iterate over the DOM:w

domwh obtain [width, height] from an element or window

domy A collection of small modules that make the DOM more peaceful

domy-children Manipulate children of DOM elements

domy-element html or css selector into DOM elements

domy-events Map DOM events to DOM elements (optionally with delegation)

domy-insert Insert any data type to the DOM

doom Functional DOM processing abstractions through generic functions.

dope HTML5 dataset/attributes module.

dt-dom Δt dom adapter - async & dynamic templating engine

du-dom The DOM library for coders who don't need a DOM library.

ebay-bean Modified version of Bean which is a small, fast, framework-agnostic event manager

ebay-bonzo Modified version of Bonzo which is a library agnostic, extensible DOM utility

ebay-jeesh An modified Ender jeesh pack that can be embedded in eBay listing page.

el DOM insertion that respects indentation.

el-component create HTML from jade-like expressions

ele A DOM-driven MVC application framework.

element-from-point A consistent cross-browser document.elementFromPoint function. Works around idiosyncracies of old WebKits et al.

elementize Convert HTML into an array of DOM Elements

elements prime dom library

elements-lite DOM buildel for browser

elo cross-browser JavaScript events and data module

emit-clicks Emit events when links are clicked

enter Event trigger router, like hash route

event-within-element Check if an event came from within an element.

eventi Powerful application events and event handling, made easy.

ever dom events with a node-style EventEmitter api

ever-delegate add event delegation to ever event emitters

express-notemplate Express view engine, merges data into DOM using plain JS

fdom Functional thinking inspired DOM helpers (browserify and selective require friendly)

fffield given a dom element, turn it into a X/Y cursor input

fileliststream Convert a DOM FileList to a FileListStream. Uses a FileReader to read the data of each file as a stream.

filter-component dynamic dom node filtering

find-anchor find the element an anchor refers to

flat-xmldom A W3C Standard XML DOM(Level2 CORE) implementation and parser(DOMParser/XMLSerializer).

flatdom A flat array representation of DOM data

flexible Easily build flexible, scalable, and distributed, web crawlers.

fluent-phantom A fluent interface to easily scrape web content - including that generated dynamically - in Node with the PhantomJS headless browser.

foxie DOM nodes gone bendie

fx basic dom effects

generator-jsmodule Generator for scaffolding out a JavaScript module for Node.js or the browser

generator-microlib A Yeoman generator for browser microlibs

get-nodes Returns an array of all the elements within a dom element, including the dom element itself

get-pixels Reads the pixels of an image as an ndarray

get-query-selector get the query selector for a given element

get-style-property Gets the current value of a style property for a given DOM element.

getids return an object with all your elements, where each key is the element's id

grunt-dom-count Count dom elements

grunt-html-inspector Automated HTML Inspection with Grunt.

grunt-raggedast Adjust the text rag of your documents for better readability.

gulp-dom-src Create a gulp stream from script/link tags in an HTML file.

gulp-img64 Convert and replace image-files within your DOM/HTML to base64-encoded data.

hadouken just a blazing fast DOM based template engine experiment

haml-lite Haml parser for browser. Experimental!

heya-dom DOM: the venerable Dojo DOM utilities.

heya-form Form: form-related utilities imported from Dojo.

hidden-brick Lego plugin to hide/show dom elements

hide Hide a DOM element

hilo A lightning fast client-side JavaScript Framework and library that makes developing awesome websites easy

html-patch Patch html files with DOM-oriented rules

html-toggle Simple toggling library for HTML, based on data attributes

html.js An intuitive, extensible way to work directly with the DOM.

html2scss Parse HTML to Sass SCSS structure format.

htmlmerge Experimental DOM Merge Tool

htmlparser2 Fast & forgiving HTML/XML/RSS parser

htmltree simple tree data structure for html source

huk-browserify generate html with javascript

hut-accordion HTML UI Toolkit accordion component

idl4js Useful IDLs (DOM4, HTML5) converted into JSON and mapped to JavaScript types

insert-css insert a string of css into the <head>

inserted-component invoke a callback when a DOM element is inserted

jkwery Another command-line jQuery

jldom A DOM implementation in CoffeeScript, full CSS3 support.

jQuery jQuery: The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library (packaged for Node.JS)

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