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appdotauth access token generation server – generate valid api tokens with ease

appdotnet Wrapper for the HTTP Stream API, following node idioms.

change-case Convert a string between camelCase, PascalCase, Title Case, snake_case and more.

chix-flow-todot Convert Chiχ json to dot format

deepval get and set object values using dot-delimited key strings

dobj Object deep dot access. set, get, del methods available

dot-case Dot case a string

dot-component MongoDB-style "dot notation" querying for JavaScript.

dot-emc dot-emc is a doT stub for Express 3.x with support for caching and partials.

dot-object dot-object makes it possible to transform and read (JSON) objects using dot notation.

dot2rjs Watch and precompile doT.js templates file to Requirejs module

dotmap easy dot-notation accessor functions

dotsplit.js Transform dot (`.`) delimited strings to array of strings for Node.js and the browser.

dotty Access properties of nested objects using dot-path notation

eivindfjeldstad-dot Get and set object properties with dot notation

englewood dot-density calculations and visualizations

enumerate-properties Enumerates, get and set objects properties in a dot notation format

express-dot doT stub for Express 3.x with caching and layout support

express3-dot doT stub for Express 3.x with caching and layout support

fis-parser-dot FIS Parser Plugin for doT.js Template Engine

getobject get.and.set.deep.objects.easily = true

graphlib-dot A DOT language parser / writer for graphlib

graphviz Node.js interface to the GraphViz graphing tool

grunt-angular-modules-graph Generate modules dependencies graph in .dot format

grunt-contrib-dot-compiler Compiles doT templates ready for RequireJS

grunt-dot-compiler Grunt task for compiling doT templates

grunt-graphviz Compile DOT files

grunt-stencil A Grunt templating plugin to generate static HTML files from given pages, templates and partials written in either pure HTML, doT.js, or markdown.

grunt-template-client-dot Compiles doT templates ready for RequireJS

gulp-dot Gulp plugin to ompile doT.js templates.

gulp-dot-precompiler Gulp plugins for precompilation of doT template engine.

gulp-dotify Gulp plugin for precompilation of doT templates.

gvprss A CSS-like pre-processor for Graphviz's gvpr.

is-property Tests if a JSON property can be accessed using . syntax

jinsoku High performance Javascript template engine inspired by Jade's power and doT's speed.

keypather Get or set a object values from a keypath string. Supports bracket notation, dot notation, and functions

ltl Lightweight Template Language for JavaScript and HTML

make-commonjs-depend Create dependencies for Makefiles. It's like makedepend but for JavaScript.

minimal-js minimal js extensions

mojito-dot An addon view engine for mojito based on doT templates

nasa-keypath New Age Keypath Traversal Technology.

prowl Wrapprer for prowl,

robust-dot-product Exactly computes the dot product between two vectors

setp Set an object value pointed by a dotted string

to-dot-case Convert a string to dot case.

uml.js Create class diagram using Graphviz Dot

value-for-keypath Get a value from an object from a keypath string supports bracket notation, dot notation, and functions

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