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audio-streamer Streams audio data as binary data via binaryjs connection

audiobuffer An implementation of Web Audio API's AudioBuffer for node.js and the browser.

dsp A node implementation of the DSP API.

dsp-interface generic, socketed HTML5 interface for digital signal processing with sliders and exponents

jdelay a delay function for DPS / audio

jmod audio / dsp enveloping with some added features

jsynth write audio with javascript functions in the browser

jsynth-sync syncopator for audio scripting

node-core-audio Core native node.js audio functionality, including sound card access and audio streaming

nvelope enveloping for audio and time domain DSP

oscillators the finest javascript oscillators

phase-unwrap Phase unwrapping for ndarrays

port Spawn Pd (Pure Data) and communicate through TCP sockets

pxpay A node module for using the Payment Express PXPay 2.0 service for payment processing

stft Short time Fourier transform

syncopation syncopation for time based DSP

web-audio-api Node.js implementation of Web audio API

webaudio write audio streams with javascript functions in the browser

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