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albumkit Tool to download Picasa web albums.

appdotcouch Export global stream to CouchDB

asker-hat Wrapper for Asker module for dumping of the received data, and usage of the collected dump instead of actual http requests.

callstack The simplest possible callstack fetcher

couchviews Store and load CouchDB views to / from your file system for easier setup of new databases.

dump Use this tool to dump a visual description of your server-side objects in node.js

elasticdump import and expot tools for elasticsearch

etcd-dump A tool for dumping and restoring etcd

fmt Command line output formatting.

github-issues-export Export GithHub issues to a CSV file

grunt-assetic-dump Grunt task to dump assets from symfony2 assetic config.yml to physical files

hexdump A javascript utility for pretty hexdump output.

hlsdump hlsdump is a library to node.js for dumping (c) Apple Http Live Streaming protocol.

json-tu-file An simplest way to read/write JSON.

level-dump Dumps all values and/or keys of a level db or a sublevel to the console.

level-lvldump Exposes an http route that returns a tarballed leveldb. Solves a use case similar to mysqldump.

mongo-dump mongo remote dump

mongo-remote-dump mongo-remote-dump

mongodb-collection-dump Dumps a mongodb collection to a stream.

node-redis-dump Backup and restore your Redis data written in node.js.

nodedump Outputs variables in a visual, easy to read format based on Adobe ColdFusion's CFDump tag. Think of it as console.log on steroids.

pdp Node.js parser of PHP var dumps

poop Plugin for taking a process dump on uncaught exception

redis-dump Dump redis database into redis commands or json with command line or node.js

simple-stream-dump Dump simple-stream (consume it throwing away everything)

sky-tumblr-export Export your Tumblr blog into Markdown.

splain creates human-readable type diagrams of deep objects, specifically to simplify reverse-engineering webservice APIs

stacktrace Lets you access v8::StackTrace

stringify-object Stringify an object/array like JSON.stringify just without all the double-quotes

urls-md Convert URLs to Markdown links and images: Extracts URLs from text → Gets their article title → Creates Markdown links

worddump Dump data from WordPress.

xml2orm Read database schema XML file and build ORM model available for Node.js

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